David DeSteno


PhD Social Psychology, Yale University, 1996
M.Phil. Social Psychology, Yale University, 1994
MS Social Psychology, Yale University, 1993
A.B. Psychology, Vassar College, 1990

Area(s) of Expertise

Social Psychology

Research Interests

Dr. DeSteno’s research centers on the role of emotion in social cognition and social behavior. His lab takes a multilevel and multiprocess approach to examining the psychological functions, phenomenologies, and sequelae that are associated with discrete emotional states. Current projects focus on the effects of emotions on several types of social judgment (e.g., moral decision making, risk assessment, prejudice) as well as on behaviors fundamental to social living (e.g., trust and cooperation, prosocial action, organizational behavior, altruism, aggression).

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Curriculum Vitae


Department of Psychology
125 Nightingale Hall

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