(Anne) Randall Hughes

Randall Hughes

PhD, Ecology (Marine Ecology), University of California-Davis, 2006
BA, Biology / Public Policy Analysis, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, 1997

Area(s) of Expertise

Marine Community Ecology and Biodiversity

Research Interests

Prof. Hughes is interested in understanding the causes and consequences of biodiversity within and across species.  She focuses on marine and estuarine systems because of the strong experimental tradition in these systems and the important ecosystem services they provide to humans.  The incredible productivity of marine ecosystems and our increasing impact and reliance on them makes marine ecology an ideal field for addressing questions of concern to basic and applied science.

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Marine Science Center

430 Nahant Rd.

Nahant, MA 01908

MES professor presented CAREER award

Randall Hughes, Assistant Professor in the Marine and Environmental Sciences department, has been awarded the prestigious National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development Award.