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Adam Reeves

Professor Email: Phone: 617.373.4708


1967- 1968 Sussex University, Lewis, UK.
1970 City College of New York B.A., Psychology. BA Thesis Philip Liss (Ward Medal)
1977 City University of New York Ph.D., Psychology. PhD Sponsor George Sperling
1978 Bell Labs, Murray Hill, N.J. Postdoctoral fellow, Sponsor John Krauskopf.

Area(s) of Expertise

Sensation and Perception

Research Interests

My research interests focus on human perception and attention, specifically, how attending to something makes it easier, or in some cases, more difficult to see or hear. I am also interested in human color vision, visual masking and other phenomena related to how quickly we can process visual information. Finally, I am interested in the effects of mental imagery on perception; for example, how having a visual or auditory mental image of something can affect the way you see or hear.



125 Nightingale Hall