College Council


Biology Win Chai*** Phyllis Strauss (Fall)** // Don O’Malley (Spring)
Chemistry Kay Onan*** Mary Jo Ondrechen*
Marine and Environmental Sciences Mark Patterson* Richard Bailey***
Mathematics Toledano Laredo** Alina Marian**
Physics Brent Nelson** Swastik Kar (Spring)** // Adrian Feiguin (Fall)
Psychology Steve Harkins*** John Coley*
Non T-T Faculty Committee


Full Professor Advisory Committee

Biology Dagmar Sternad*
Chemistry Max Diem**
Marine and Environmental Sciences Joseph Ayers**
Mathematics Alexandru Suciu**
Physics Donald Heiman**
Psychology Peter Bex*


Graduate Curriculum Committee

Biology Erin Cram
Bioinformatics Steve Vollmer
Biotechnology Jared Auclair
Chemistry Carla Mattos
Mathematics Maxim Braverman
Marine and Environmental Sciences Jon Grabowski
Physics Mark Williams
Psychology Judy Hall
Online Education
Graduate Student Services Kellie Melchin


Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Advising Lauren Machunis+
Behavioral Neuroscience Jade Zee
Biochemistry Susan Powers-Lee**
Biology Jacqueline Piret**
Chemistry Rein Kirss**
Co-op Faculty Dave Merry (fall)+, Sarah Klionsky (spring)+
Linguistics Heather Littlefield**
Marine and Environmental Sciences Rebeca Rosengaus*
Mathematics Petar Topalov**
Physics Brent Nelson**
Psychology Nancy Kim*


Non-Tenure Track Faculty Committee

Behavioral Neuroscience Jade Zee**
Biochemistry Kirsten Fertuck**
Biology MarySue Potts-Santone**
Chemistry Jude Mathews*
Co-op Faculty Michelle Israel**
Linguistics Adam Cooper**
Marine and Environmental Sciences Tara Duffy*
Mathematics Oana Veliche**
Physics Alessandra Di Credico**
Research Faculty Thomas Wales
Psychology Dawn Cisewski**
Dean’s Officer (ex officio) Fred Davis


Tenure, Promotion, and Sabbatical Advisory Committee

Biology Gunther Zupanc*
Chemistry Sunny Zhou*
Marine and Environmental Sciences Joe Ayers**
Mathematics Alexander Martsinkovsky**
Physics Robert Markiewicz*
Psychology Iris Berent**


Student Awards Committee

Biology Phyllis Strauss/MarySue Potts-Santone
Chemistry Patricia (Pam) Mabrouk
Marine and Environmental Sciences Rebeca Rosengaus
Mathematics Terry Gaffney
Physics Tim Sage
Psychology John Coley
Advising Robin MacIlroy


Research and Safety Committee

(membership consists of department safety officers)
Biology Adrian Gilbert
Chemistry Roman Manetsch
Marine and Environmental Sciences Ryan Hill
Physics Latika Menon
Psychology Denise Jackson
College of Science Lab and Safety Director

* Term expires June 30, 2017
** Term expires June 30, 2018
*** Term expires June 30, 2019
+ Non-voting member