Are you interested in exploring new cultures while gaining hands-on work experience abroad? If so, global co-op could be the right fit for you. Global Co-ops provide an opportunity for students to develop intercultural skills while furthering their career across multiple fields and locations.

If you are considering a global co-op for spring 2018, please follow the below steps:

**For students not considering a spring 2018 co-op who want to learn more about the process, please start ny attending an information session offered to all students. RSVP at Global Information Session.**

Where to Start:

  1. Complete the Intent to Co-op form (only if applying for a spring 2018 co-op)
  2. Complete the GEO Global Co-op Application
  3. RSVP to one of the Global Information Sessions via NUCareers: (Locations to be determined)
  4. Meet with your Co-op Coordinator with an updated resume as soon as possible.
  5. Apply for positions
  6. Complete Global Co-op Checklist
  7. Submit Co-op Agreement and Cultural Understanding Agreement

Self-Developed Global Co-ops – Tips and Procedures

Where to Start:

  1. Apply for an internships on-line:

  3. Directly email an employer or faculty/researcher:
  4. Access LinkedIn:

If an employer agrees to a co-op, please complete the Self Development Information. Once completed, the co-op department will reach out to your contact directly to vet the position.


  1. If the country where your co-op takes place appears on any of the three following lists, the University considers it to be a “high-risk location” and you will need to submit a petition for review and obtain approval by the ISSAC committee prior to departure in order to receive Northeastern credit for the experience (regardless of your country of citizenship):

    For more information regarding the petition process, please visit and reach out to Justin MacDowell, the University’s International Travel Coordinator, at

  2. Remember, students must have the correct visa to work abroad. It is important to start this process early!

College of Science: Post-Acceptance Global Co-op Preparation Checklist

Students MUST complete the GEO Global Co-op Application and the COS Global Checklist – some items overlap. Checklist may be downloaded here.

Once you have accepted a global co-op position:

Inform your Co-op Coordinator that you have accepted a co-op position.
Complete the GEO Global Co-op Application
Start the visa application process ASAP by completing the second portion of the GEO Global Co-op Application.
      o The Travel Documents & Visa Specialist from the Global Experience Office will contact you in roughly 72 business hours once the form is completed – it is ultimately each student’s responsibility to procure the correct visa. It is critical to start this process as early as possible.
*If you do not already have a passport, start the application process as soon as possible. (Standard service takes 4-8 weeks.)
Review the US Department of State’s website for a list of travel warning countries, AON/WorldAware’s list of countries related as either HIGH (risk level 4) or SEVERE (risk level 5) and areas identified as “travel warning level 3” by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. If your destination appears on any of these three lists, speak with your Co-op Coordinator, and you will need to submit a petition and be approved by the ISAAC committee.
Complete the Presidential Global Scholarship application, if you have not already done so.
     o Non-Honors: application must be delivered to 356 Richards – website will be activated on October 1, 2017.
     o Honors: application can be submitted via email ( or delivered to 356 Richards.
Check with University Health Services or a travel clinic through your health insurance provider for required vaccinations and permitted medications in your destination country
     o Some medications or medication quantities that are permitted in the United States are not permitted in other countries.
Attend a pre-departure orientation session conducted by GEO.
Read through the GEO Global Co-op website for more information about planning, health & safety, and other considerations.
Complete the My Travel Plans section of myneu.
     o Continue to update these plans while you are on co-op; the university would like to know where you are even if you take a non-work related trip.
Review Globe Smart and make sure you complete the Cultural Awareness portion of the Co-op Agreement form along with the agreement. This must be completed before you depart on your co-op.
*Contact Co-op Connections for help securing housing or to be connected with other students/alumni in your destination.
*If applicable, cancel on-campus housing.
*If desired, complete any external scholarship applications.
*International students – complete the requisite Office of Global Services paperwork (form 158)

*Starred items will not be applicable to every student.*