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Global Co-op

Read and follow the instruction of finding or creating a global co-op.

Declare Your Intent to Co-op

To receive all co-op related announcements, you must declare your intent to co-op during the first week of the semester prior to your co-op. This action is completed by reviewing the Co-op PowerPoint presentation and completing the registration form online at the end of the presentation.


The job board used by the co-op program is called NUcareers. To access this database and search for positions, you must be cleared by your Co-op Coordinator. Setup a meeting with your Co-op Coordinator using the calendar function of myNEU to review your resume.

Your Co-op Coordinator will forward your resume to employers of the jobs that you are qualified for (out of the ones you have selected). If you apply to jobs in other majors, your Co-op Coordinator will ask her/his colleagues to consider sending your resume as well. Depending on the major, you may have to meet with the Coordinator before your resume is considered. Employers, not Northeastern, make the final decision about who they will interview and hire.

Create Your Own Co-op

You are not limited to applying for positions registered with NUcareers. Partner with your Co-op Coordinator to search for jobs outside of the NUcareers system.

While Northeastern has established co-op positions and is working to add more every semester, we do encourage students to also look for jobs that are outside of our system. Taking this double pronged approach increases your chances of finding a position that is a good fit. Your Co-op Faculty Coordinator will advise you in methods of searching for a job.

If you find your own position, keep the following in mind:

  • Discuss your plans with your Co-op Coordinator frequently and well in advance of the co-op period. Your coordinator must approve your proposal and will verify the position with the employer before you accept employment.
  • It is your responsibility to inform the employer that you are a Northeastern University co-op student and that you will return to the University at the end of your co-op term.
  • Co-op students must be considered an employee (or intern) rather than a consultant or independent contractor.

For more details about creating your own co-op, including deadlines, click here.

Interviewing and Acceptance Policies

Employers conduct interviews and offer positions on a rolling basis throughout the semester. Be sure to keep in touch with your Co-op Coordinator and let her/him know when you have been asked to interview or offered a position. Your acceptance of a co-op job is considered final when you confirm it with your employer and Co-op Coordinator either verbally or in writing. You may not accept more than one job offer. You must remain on your co-op job until you complete the work period that you agreed to with your employer.

Co-op Grading

Students who fully and successfully participate in co-op receive eighteen semester-hours of Experiential Learning Credit (ELC) for each six-month Co-op experience. Grades of Satisfactory (S), Unsatisfactory (U), and Incomplete (X) are assigned and will appear on your transcript. Although ELC is not added to the academic credit hours required for graduation, your transcript will reflect your grade for each Co-op term. Awarding this credit indicates the value of the Co-op learning experience and enhances your future career opportunities. You must receive a Satisfactory grade to complete additional co-ops.

How to make an appointment with my Co-op Faculty Coordinator

The myNEU Co-op Faculty Appointment Calendar located at allows you to schedule an appointment with Co-op Faculty directly.