For Students

The co-op program offers students opportunities to:

  • Gain skills and experience that make them sought after employees
  • Explore jobs in the public and private sectors
  • Clarify short and long term professional, academic, and personal goals
  • Integrate classroom and workplace learning
  • Develop relationships with mentors and peers

The cooperative education learning model is composed of three parts: preparation (co-op preparation course), activity (co-op), and reflection.

Spring Co-op

Fall Co-op

Employment Start Date

January 1st

July 1st

Employment End Date

June 30th

December 31st

*Start/end dates are approximate. Official start dates will be determined by the employer.


The Process

An outline of what needs to be done in order to take part in the co-op program in the College of Science

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Resources for Current Students

International co-op, creating your own co-op, and other resources for current students

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Co-Op Sign-Up

If you have already completed the Co-op Prep class, or are currently enrolled in this class, and you intend to go out on co-op in the next session, you must follow the instructions in this section.

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FAQs for Co-op

Additional information about co-op and general FAQs can be found here. 1. What happens if I change my major or concentration? If you change your major, you will likely be assigned to a new Co-op Faculty Coordinator who specializes in