The conference will draw the attention on environmental issues and challenges southern Iraq is facing in relation to climate change and development of society. It will be a first step towards public awareness and a call to action for decision makers and shareholders.

Knowledge and experience of other countries, good practices and innovative solutions will be shared through a range of formats: oral talks, poster exhibitions, round-table discussions and field trips.

Conference schedule:

Day 1:

Keynote speaker:
Dr. Broder Merkel, Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg
Chair of Geology Department

Day 2:

Keynote speaker:
Dr. Gray Williams, The University of Hong Kong
The Swire Institute of Marine Science and School of Biological Science

Day 3:

Keynote speaker:
Dr. Ali Al-Lami, University of Basra
Marine Science Centre

 The conference will explore the following:

1. The science and practice of the history of Iraq’s climate and its relation to water, land and agriculture

2. Climate change during the Holocene in the area of Euphrates and Tigris

3. Impact of climate change on biological activities and adaptation; declining biodiversity and ecosystem services; sea level rise

4. Impacts of irrigation on microclimate and of marshes on microclimate

5. Sustainable livelihoods in communities

6. Water and energy

7. Understanding and predicting the ongoing and future impacts of climate change on natural ecosystems, and future solutions for adaptation