The College of Science contributes to the unique global experiential mission of Northeastern University by delivering cutting-edge scientific education and research.

The most powerful experiential science education occurs in a rich research environment that is strongly engaged with the real world. The challenges that face our lives and our society today are often interdisciplinary; that is to say, their solution requires collaboration amongst innovators from diverse disciplines. Two people working closely together can often discover a solution that one person alone could never discover; accordingly, we facilitate a collaborative culture in the Northeastern experience. As we train future scientists, we recognize the importance of strong grounding in a discipline while providing a wide problem horizon and a team approach.

We have advanced dramatically in our undergraduate ranking, and must focus on our doctoral education to support the needs of talented undergraduates seeking research experience and advanced learning opportunities. Northeastern’s success and commitment to grow the faculty has presented us with an outstanding opportunity to expand our research horizons. Only by strategic targeting of research directions can we maximize our impact. No single institution could accomplish our ambitious goals alone; we are poised to expand our network of co-op and research partners to deepen our relationships for mutual benefit.

The founding of a new College of Science in 2010 makes this an excellent time for bold strategic planning. Last year we launched a new strategic planning exercise – Experience Science Northeastern 2015 – and engaged our faculty and other stakeholders in a broad discussion of ideas. Our initiatives are an integral part of the University’s larger Long-Range Plan – covering sustainability, health and security. A strategic plan cannot be static; it must provide a dynamic vision to guide our institution for years and decades to come. This document is the fruit of our labors – it identifies compelling opportunities on which we must capitalize quickly. In doing so we will strengthen key elements of our global experiential education and create world-leading graduate programs that will enrich our entire student body.

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