Live from the Bottom of the Ocean: Mission 31

Tuesday, June 17     7 p.m.

Marine Science Center, 430 Nahant Road, Nahant, MA

On June 1, researchers from the Marine Science Center will will embark upon a month-long underwater mission with Fabien Cousteau, the grandson of famed oceanographer, Jacques Cousteau. Celebrating fifty years since his grandfather spent 30 days in an undersea habitat, Fabien and colleagues will top this – at 31 days – in the “Aquarius” habitat off the Florida Keys. We will join the MSC’s Brian Helmuth for a LIVE look at what life and research is like under the sea, as well as screening some excerpts from Jacques Cousteau’s ground-breaking 1964 film, “World Without Sun.”

Part of the 2014 “Cinema by the Sea” series at the MSC

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