The College of Science Undergraduate Student Advisory Council Representatives represent fellow majors by providing voice, feedback, and collaboration on college initiatives.

Behavioral Neuroscience


Alejandro Rovira
Alejandro Rovira,

Alejandro Rovira is the Behavioral Neuroscience representative and will graduate from Northeastern in May 2019. A member of the Nu Ro Phsi Honor Society and part of the University Scholar’s Program, he hopes to combine both the biological and cognitive aspects of Neuroscience by perusing an MD/PhD after his time at Northeastern in order to continue his work on pedagogical strategies. Alejandro became a member of the USAC in the Fall of 2016 and will return in Fall of 2017 after the completion of a co-op on site in Puerto Rico with the Northeastern PROTECT and CRECE groups. When he is not working, Alejandro enjoys reading, tutoring, sleeping and swimming.


Chloe Nobuhara
Chloe Nobuhara,
Alternate Representative

Chloe Nobuhara, who will be graduating in 2017, is the Behavioral Neuroscience alternate representative. She integrates neuroscience coursework with three separate fields of experience: research, clinical practice, and volunteering. Since her first co-op in the Hyman Lab at MGH researching Alzheimer’s disease, she has co-authored two publications in Nature Communications and Annals of Neurology and has submitted a first-author manuscript, recently accepted to the American Journal of Pathology. Branching out from the lab bench, she also works in the outpatient neurology clinic at MGH to assist physicians with lumbar punctures and maintain the Hyman Lab’s CSF biobank. Interacting with patients affected by dementia is a source of motivation for research, and inspiration for volunteering. Chloe co-founded and is currently the president of Students to Seniors, Northeastern’s first organization to volunteer with the elderly or fight neurodegenerative disease.



Christopher Joshi
Christopher Joshi,

Christopher Joshi is the Biochemistry representative. He is a biochemistry major with a psychology minor from Buffalo, NY and southern Ontario. Christopher is involved with research on campus, and completed his last co-op at Boston Children’s Hospital. Christopher is a resident assistant in International Village and a peer tutor for Organic Chemistry. He is also active in the honors program and Biochemistry Club. Christopher hopes to attend medical school after graduation. In his free time he enjoys ice skating, ping pong, and watching TV crime dramas. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to him! Christopher can be reached by email at

Macee Qi
Macee Qi,
Alternate Representative

Macee Qi is the Biochemistry alternate representative. She is a biochemistry major with a business administration minor from Wilton, ME pursuing a career in Emergency Medicine. She currently working in Professor Penny Beuning’s lab on campus doing research on cellular sensitivity and DNA damage tolerance. She was fortunate enough to present our research at Northeastern’s Research, Innovation and Scholarship Expo (RISE:2016) and at the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) annual meeting in San Diego last year. She recently completed my first co-op at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in the General Surgical Specialties department. On campus, She is part of several cultural clubs including the Chinese Student Association (CSA) and Barkada (the Filipino Club), as well as the community service student organization, Peace through Play.



Shachenika Jean
Shachenika Jean,

Shachenika Jean is the Biology representative. She’s a Biology major pursing a career in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Shachenika has completed two co-ops during her time at Northeastern. The first was at a hospital in Malta, where she worked as a teaching assistant in the pediatric oncology ward. The second co-op took place at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary in Boston, where she worked as an anesthesia technician. Currently, she is part of the executive board for two clubs on campus, InterVarsity Multiethnic Christian Fellowship and John D. O’Bryant African American Institute Unity Gospel Ensemble.


Edwin Lee
Edwin Lee,
Alternate Representative

Edwin Lee is the Biology alternate representative. He is a third year majoring in Biology and minoring in Psychology from Queens, New York. He wishes to pursue a career in medicine and is greatly passionate about destigmatizing and improving mental health care and aim to work in the mental health field.

He recently had the opportunity to work as a clinical and research intern at the Harvard Medical School’s Center for Early Detection and Assessment and response to Risk (CEDAR) at Beth Israel Deaconess and the Department for Mental Health. He also interned at the Prevention and Recovery in Early Psychosis (PREP). On this co-op, he researched the efficacy and effect of family therapy in the clinical high risk population for psychosis. He worked on a research project that was studied the effect of computed based cognitive remediation in those at clinical high risk. He had the opportunity to outreach at MIT Medical and TechBoston about recognizing and responding to emerging mental health problems. At PREP, he was able to engage and co-lead recovery courses for clients recovering from their first episode.

As a member of GlobeMed at Northeastern University, he traveled to Masaka, Uganda to assess water sanitation and to build upon a strong partnership with local grass root organization, Kitovu Mobile. Throughout the school year, the group fundraised more than $10,000 to help Kitovu Mobile create more safe water wells. Through this internship, he learned about the difficulties many Ugandans experience, and how he can play a role in global health. He is still actively involved in GlobeMed as the Director of Finances and aims to continue to fundraise and support Kitovu Mobile.

Chemistry and Chemical Biology


Khoi Dang
Khoi Dang,

Khoi Dang is the Chemistry and Chemical Biology representative and secretary of the Northeastern Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society (NUSAACS). Khoi, a chemistry student with a minor in mathematics, is from California. He has completed one co-op at Pfizer in computational chemistry and multiple summer internships at the Boeing Company. He hopes to attend a PhD program in computational chemistry once he finishes his undergraduate degree. On campus, Khoi is currently studying inorganic catalysts with Prof. Rein Kirss. In his free time, he enjoys playing bridge and reading about various topics chemistry, math and physics.

Jane Compton
Jane Compton,
Alternate Representative

Jane Compton is the Chemistry and Chemical Biology alternate representative. She’s a chemistry major from Califon, NJ and President of the Northeastern Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society (NUSAACS). Her favorite things do within NUSAACS is mentor freshmen and plan events that spark growth and leadership in club members. Jane works in Professor Penny Beuning’s lab on campus doing research on DNA repair mechanisms and has completed one co-op doing analytical chemistry at Amgen in Cambridge. She hopes to co-op in clinical chemistry on the west coast next fall. Other than chemistry Jane plays tuba in the concert band and is a certified scuba diver. She also has participated in a sleep study!



Hannah Powers
Hannah Powers,

Hannah Powers is the Linguistics representative. She’s a Linguistics & Psychology combined major with an interest in French. She has completed a psychology co-op at MGH and a psycholinguistics/language acquisition research co-op in Germany. Hannah may be contacted at


Callie Marsallisi
Callie Marsallisi,
Alternate Representative

Callie Marsallisi is the Linguistics alternate representative. She’s a Linguistics major with a Psychology minor. Callie has completed two co-ops — one in educational publishing and one in social media marketing — and plans to complete one more before pursuing her master’s in Speech-Language Pathology.

Marine and Environmental Science


Emma Thornton
Emma Thornton, Representative

Emma Thornton is the Marine and Environmental Science representative. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Conservation, with a minor in Law and Public Policy. In addition to the Undergraduate Student Council, she is also a Special Research Assistant for Northeastern Environmental Justice Research Collaborative, investigating lead and environmental justice; represents the Northeastern Sustainability Committee; is a member of the Terra Society; and in her free time enjoys acting in student plays and films.

Ava Gallo
Ava Gallo,
Alternate Representative

Ava Gallo is the alternate representative for the Marine and Environmental Science department. She is a pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Urban Studies and a minor in Law and Public Policy. Along with being involved in the Undergraduate Student Council, Ava is a member of the Civic Engagement Program and is a facilitator with the Peace Through Play program. She also is a founding member of the College of Social Sciences and Humanities Undergraduate Research Journal or NUance. In her spare time, Ava conducts research with Professor Becca Berkey on agroecology and takes ballet classes at the Boston Ballet School. The best way to contact her is through her email at



Liam Synan
Liam Synan,

Liam Synan is the Mathematics representative. He is a mathematics major working towards a combined BS/MS in mathematics. After that, he plans to go to medical school or work in consulting. He also enjoyed the time he spent working at a healthcare technology startup, and he’d work in that space again too. Basically, he’s still working out the details of what’s next. But he’s not particularly bothered by this and doesn’t think other students should be concerned if they haven’t whittled down their interests to a single ironclad goal yet. Originally from Bedford, NH, he grew up with a passion for the outdoors: he’s an avid skier, mountain biker and rock climber. He still finds time to play outside, and there are a fair number of wonderful places for a ride, climb or hike in the towns around Boston. Synan spent his first three years at Northeastern as an active member of two student-run clubs. He was a senior analyst in the Student Value Fund, an investment club composed primarily of students from D’Amore-McKim School of Business. He was also the president of Woof Magazine, a magazine with members drawn primarily from the Colleges of Arts, Media & Design and Social Sciences & Humanities. He credits his involvement in these clubs with building him a larger and more diverse circle of friends, and encourages other students to seek out clubs unrelated to their academic interests. There’s a lot to learn and plenty of people to meet beyond one’s own college and major. Synan went on his first co-op as a research analyst at a large, established consulting firm and his second co-op at a small, young healthcare technology startup. He enjoyed the opportunity to sample two distinctly different company cultures, and feels that it was very valuable for helping to determine what kind of place he’d like to work for in the future. Immediately after finishing his second co-op, Synan traveled to Budapest, Hungary to study combinatorics and algebra, two mathematical disciplines Hungary is well known for. While there, he also traveled extensively through the Balkan peninsula, seeing parts of the world he’d never even thought about before. He highly recommends taking the opportunity to study abroad, ideally somewhere you know nothing about beforehand. His final recommendation to incoming students or underclassmen is to embrace a bit of uncertainty about their academic and career futures. Join clubs outside your interests, use electives to take unusual classes, study abroad in places you can’t find on the map yet and make plenty of time to have fun.



Kathryn Larkin
Kathryn Larkin,

Katie Larkin is the Physics representative. She’s a third year biomedical physics major double minoring in math and law and public policy. She has had great experiences on campus as part of the Society of Physics Students and the Model United Nations team at Northeastern, as well as incredible co-ops at MIT’s Department of Biology working with genetic sequencing and is about to embark on a global co-op at CERN working on the large hadron collider. Feel free to reach out to her via email at if you have any questions or concerns about the physics department or the College of Science in general.

Ryan Beiter
Ryan Beiter,
Alternate Representative

Ryan Beiter is the alternate representative for the physics department. He is a second year physics and mathematics double major. He is a part of the Society of Physics Students and loves going to physics lectures on campus. He enjoys learning about the progress of science in all fields, but especially enjoys theoretical physics and math research. He plans to go on co-op next semester and cannot wait to start working on his PhD in a few years.



Gabriela Aisenberg
Gabriela Aisenberg,

Gabriela Aisenberg is the Psychology representative. She’s a Psychology major and minoring in Behavioral Neuroscience. Gaby has been a teaching, research and resident assistant during her time at Northeastern and she is considering a PhD in clinical psychology. Before moving to Boston, Gaby did voiceovers for television both in English and Spanish and trained as an opera singer at Juilliard in New York.