Academic Progression Standards
Academic Dismissal Students who remain on probation after two full-term academic semesters may be dismissed from the university. This action may appear on the transcript at the end of the second probationary semester. In addition, students who have below a 1.000 GPA or fewer than 4 earned semester hours in any semester or cumulatively may be dismissed at the discretion of their college. Students may appeal this decision to the Academic Standing Committee of their college. You can find the complete Academic Probation policy in the Northeastern University Undergraduate Catalog under Academic Progression Standards.

Academic Probation
If a student earns fewer than 12 SH in one fall or spring semester and/or the student’s GPA drops below a 2.000, the student will be placed on Academic Probation by the college.

  • When a student is placed on Academic Probation for the first time, the student is encouraged to see his/her Academic Advisor as well as seek tutoring as necessary. Depending on the severity of the deficiency, the Academic Advisor may place the student on an Academic Probation Contract. The contract will outline the requirements the student must meet in order to make enough improvements to get back in good standing.
  • When a student is placed on Academic Probation for the second time, the student will receive a hold on their account and is required to see his/her Academic Advisor to sign an Academic Probation Contract.

When a student in the College of Science is dismissed from the university, the following standard actions apply:

  • The student is dropped from all registered courses for the semester immediately following dismissal.
  • The student may not petition to return to classes for the semester immediately following dismissal.
  • The student may file an appeal petition with the College of Science Academic Standing Committee to be allowed to return to classes in a future term.

**The deadline to submit an appeal is three weeks prior to the first day of classes for the semester in which the student would like to return.

Dismissal Appeal Petition Process
There are two parts to the dismissal appeal:

  1. The Academic Dismissal Appeal Form is to be filled out by the student. Please be very thoughtful as you complete this, as it is your only avenue to explain your reasoning of why you should be allowed to return to Northeastern.
  2. A letter of support from a department or faculty member in the department of the student’s intended major. For students dismissed from another college appealing for reentry to the College of Science, a second letter of support must be received from a department or faculty member of the new major.

Possible points to discuss in the faculty letter of support are the following:

  1. Willingness to accept this student into (back into) your program.
  2. Do you feel that the student is liable to succeed in his/her current/new program?
  3. Did the student seek assistance or guidance throughout the last semester?
  4. Would you describe the student as engaged and/or participatory in class and/or the program?
  5. Other relevant information that you feel would be helpful in evaluating the student’s petition to return to Northeastern.
  6. If the student is allowed to return, do you have any contingent recommendations?

Both the Academic Dismissal Appeal Form and the faculty letter(s) of support should be submitted to by the deadline stated above.  The student will be contacted with the college’s decision after all appeals are reviewed.

If you have questions, you can contact your advisor in the College of Science or email the advising office at