The College of Science Travel Grant Program for Doctoral Students provides deserving graduate students with matching travel funds of up to $350 from the College to present a poster or oral paper at a national conference or up to $500 to present a poster or oral paper at an international conference in their academic discipline. The student’s research advisor, the department, or the Graduate Student Government is expected to provide matching funds equal to the amount requested.

Travel Grant Application Procedure

A completed application consists of the attached form a copy of the submitted and accepted abstract; a nomination letter, written by the student’s dissertation advisor attesting to the student’s demonstrated research abilities; and a signed attestation of the matching support, whether from the advisor, Graduate department or Graduate Student Government.

The completed application including all attached materials should be submitted directly by the student’s advisor via email to the Assistant Director for Graduate Administration Melissa Rischall ( The subject line of the email should be “Letter of Recommendation on Behalf of [Student’s Name] for receipt of a College of Science Travel Grant Award.”

Applications may be submitted at any time at least one-month prior to the conference presentation. Every effort will be made to respond to applications within two weeks of submission.

Preference will be given to doctoral students with strong academic records whose research advisor’s letter confirms they have made significant research contributions in their respective academic disciplines and for whom this would be their first external national/international conference.

Students who have received prior support are eligible, but preference will be given to doctoral students who have not yet had an opportunity to present externally. When requesting travel grant funds, students are required provide a complete list of funding already applied for and/or obtained for the travel.

Please direct all questions to Melissa Rischall (