1. Talk with your advisor to ensure that you have met all departmental requirements, such as the required number of credit hours, cumulative average (minimum 3.000), continuous registration, language exam, comprehensive exam, thesis, dissertation, etc.

2. Ensure that all of your financial obligations have been met. Go to Student Financial Services, 354 Richards Hall, to verify your status. In order for your diploma to be released, financial obligations must be met before commencement.

3. Review your academic record for accuracy. Unofficial transcripts are available via your myNEU account.

4. You will need to apply to graduate via your myNEU account. This will place your name on the commencement list and start the commencement process. You should register if you believe you will be graduating.

5. PhD candidates must complete the Survey of Earned Doctorates (SED). The survey takes approximately 10 minutes to complete, is done on-line, and is a required component of the commencement clearance process. If you are uncomfortable with answering some of the questions, you may leave them blank. The SED Survey should be submitted before the student brings the NU Graduate Approval Record to the Graduate Admissions and Student Services Office. The Graduate Admissions and Student Services Office will receive confirmation of your survey completion via SED.

6. Thesis/Dissertations Guidelines – All students who plan to submit a thesis or dissertation should utilize the most recent version of the Guide to Theses and Dissertations. This Guide is provided by the Graduate Student Services in an effort to assist you with ensuring deadlines are met, formatting, and electronically submitting your document to ProQuest. Please note there are numerous links within the document. These links connect to formatting tips, ProQuest format requirements, sample signature, title, Graduate Approval Record, and other pages. In addition, the Guide contains a checklist to assist you with ensuring all responsibilities have been met. The checklist is found at the end of the document. Follow the checklist to ensure all of your requirements have been met. We hope you find this information helpful as you work toward completing your degree requirements.

7. Students submitting theses or dissertations via ProQuest are advised to schedule a format review appointment with the Graduate Student Services (Email: gradcos@northeastern.edu Phone: 617.373.4275) before the defense occurs. Please be prepared to bring printed copies of the following: NU Graduate Approval Record, all introductory pages (title page through the table of contents), and a few pages of text. You do not need to print your entire document for this appointment.

8. Important dates and deadlines