The Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology is home to several research centers that are on the forefront of innovation and discovery.

The Barnett Institute of Chemical and Biological Analysis
An internationally recognized center for advanced interdisciplinary research and training in analytical chemistry and biotechnology, the Barnett Institute’s work includes proteomics, biomarker discovery, drug synthesis and development, environmental cancer agent detection and ultrasensitive instrumentation.

The Center for Drug Discovery
The Center for Drug Discovery is dedicated to the discovery of novel medications and the development of approaches and technologies aimed at improving the discovery of new therapeutic drugs.

Integrated Initiative for Global Health
The Integrated Initiative for Global Health is focused on addressing the need for treatment of the world’s neglected diseases by combining a focus on developing new therapeutics and diagnostics with scholarship in public health policy and access to medicine.

Northeastern University Center for Renewable Energy Technology (NUCRET)
NUCRET aims to be at the frontier of science and technology of clean energy conversion and storage. The range of our efforts includes materials science, advanced in situ spectroscopy, micro-fabrication methods and manufacturing technology.

Waters Center of Innovation
The Waters Center of Innovation is run by Prof. John R. Engen, professor of chemistry, and is the cornerstone of the university’s 40- year partnership with the Massachusetts- based Waters Corporation — a world-leading supplier of laboratory analytical instruments.

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