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Dear Prospective Student:

Let me start by applauding on your interest in attending Northeastern, and most specifically to join our chemistry program! You will become part of a family of around 200, in one of the most gifted, respected and lively student groups in New England. I would take personal pride in your joining us, having worked with colleagues and students to develop our chemistry major into one of the most elite programs available in the USA. Some of its features include:

Academic excellence
We have hired a faculty of world leaders in various aspects of research, and each faculty member offers undergraduate research experiences to our majors. Their diverse fields include forensics chemistry, clinical chemistry, anti-cancer drug research, neurochemistry, personalized medicine, fuel cell design, cellular biochemistry, food sciences and cosmetics chemistry, to name a few.

Small class sizes
All of our chemistry majors have their own dedicated class and laboratory sections, with sizes ranging from 10-24. All these classes are taught by our full time research leaders whose goal is clear – to help you succeed! These classes are very different from those taught at other schools, as they are based on real-world experience. For example, in this year’s organic chemistry class, each student made a new anticancer drug, and the molecules were all tested in partnership with the Harvard University Medical School. A promising new drug was identified, and the report was recently published in the scientific literature!

A personal mentoring system
Each incoming student is assigned a student mentor who will help you transition into our program starting in the summer months, and immediately upon arrival in the fall, and will work with academic advisors on your development. For some, chemistry is clearly their chosen vocation. For others who are less certain of their career aspirations, we can provide opportunities to explore different options. Our student club (American Chemical Society Student Affiliates) has a very active program which includes hosting guest speakers, site visits to industry, trips to national conferences (a number of our majors presented at the National American Chemical Society meetings in San Diego and Philadelphia this year, and are gearing up for the upcoming Spring meeting in New Orleans) as well as social activities (some examples include snow tubing, bowling, and apple picking!). Our student group has won national awards five years running for their efforts in the community and in science leadership in the New England area.

Our signature co-op program
I am personally involved in arranging co-op experiences for our majors and take pride in matching student interest with opportunities that are then established on their behalf. Examples from this year include internships at companies such as Merck, Novartis, Astra-Zeneca, Gillette, Millennium, the State Crime Laboratory, and Harvard Medical School.

A unique curriculum
In addition to our regular co-op program which was designed in partnership with industry, we now have an accelerated 4 year BS-MS degree program in chemistry, a dedicated pre-medical program, and study abroad and co-op programs with European and Canadian partners.

A dedicated support network
From the first orientation class (which I teach to all majors) through graduation, we want our students to feel truly part of our family. We have established a number of programs to cater to students of all backgrounds and interests. We have scholarships available, a student travel fund for professional meetings, a hardship fund for those who find themselves in financial need, a very active social network, and a dedicated office and lounge facility for our student group. Funds for these programs are continually provided by local industry and alumni, who hold our graduates in very high regard. Needless to say, our graduation rate as well as job placement rate is extremely high!

My goal as chair is to assemble the most gifted entering class possible, and I would be delighted if you decide to join us. We typically receive 10 times more applicants than places available, and can thus be very selective in our recruiting. Given the importance of matching student interest with available opportunities we would very much welcome the chance to discuss your application with you personally. I have worked successfully with every one of our current majors, developing opportunities for them in a variety of careers while catering to their individual aspirations.

Naturally if you or your parents have specific questions or queries, please e-mail or phone me at any time. Feel free to contact me with a good day/time for you to talk during your decision making period, and I will be in touch. Even better, please accept this as an invitation to come to campus to meet with my team either at open houses, where we will make presentations to the accepted students (dates posted on website), or we can host you for an individual/family visit if you can identify a convenient date for you. Clearly, I take this process very seriously, having helped select the incoming class for the past four years.

Choosing the right college is a very important step. To get a sense of how well our program is regarded, we invite you to come to campus to meet with us, and also talk to our industrial, corporate, and medical partners. We are proud of our accomplishments and would look forward to welcoming you to our next incoming class.

I do hope to hear from you soon and look forward to meeting you!

With all best wishes,

Graham B. Jones
Professor and Chair
Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology