The department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology offers education in basic chemistry and modern chemistry-related disciplines.

Our faculty carry out state-of-the-art research in a wide variety of experimental and theoretical fields, including bioanalysis, bio-organic and medicinal chemistry, biophysical chemistry, computational biology, nanomaterials, and proteomics. Northeastern University is an ideal place to meet the challenges that chemical professionals face daily through exciting co-op positions in local high-tech industries.


Why graduates study chemistry at Northeastern University

The graduate programs offer opportunities for part-time and full-time study toward the Master of Science degree, and full-time study toward the Doctor of Philosophy in chemistry or an individually designed interdisciplinary program. An intellectually rigorous foundation of courses, plus research in a specialized area, prepares PhD students for independent, original research and development in the chemical sciences.

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Carla Mattos Teaching

Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program

The National Science Foundation has named the chemistry department a National REU site — Research Experiences for Undergraduates. The program allows undergraduate students to attend Northeastern University for 10 weeks over the summer and perform research in one of our professor’s laboratories.

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