Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Northeastern’s Barnett Institute to host Global CESI-MS Symposium

Northeastern University, in collaboration with the Barnett Institute of Chemical and Biological Analysis is very excited to host the 2017 Global CESI-MS Symposium at the end of this week. On October 5-6, Associate Professor Alexander Ivanov will take the lead in hosting scientists from around the world as they present the latest and greatest in CESI-MS (Capillary Electrophoresis integrated with Electrospray Ionization-Mass Spectrometry).

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Science meets Security: How Northeastern is impacting the future of forensic science research

Northeastern Professor and Director of the Core Mass Spectrometry Facility at the Barnett Institute Dr. Adam Hall is the Associate Director of the Center for Advanced Research and Forensic Science, a virtual center to innovate new research in the field of forensics. Northeastern’s involvement in this national project will be the start not only to many new research projects in areas like drug analysis and DNA repair, but also as part of an important collaboration, whose results can impact our society and the ability to efficiently and accurately solve crimes.

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Yellow and red fireworks exploding in a dark sky

The science behind fireworks

What makes a firework…work? We asked Michael Pollastri, professor and chair of the chemistry department, what’s happening inside those Fourth of July favorites—and which color fireworks are particularly challenging to create.

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