Behavioral Neuroscience

Rebecca Shansky

Researchers’ preclinical trial upends conventional wisdom about responses to fear

For more than a century scientists have recognized “freezing” as the natural fear response. But in a new study, Northeastern assistant professor of psychology Rebecca Shansky found that female rats often respond to fear by “darting.” The find­ings not only raise ques­tions about the veracity of pre­vious studies that rely on freezing to indi­cate fear, but could also lead to better treat­ments for post-​​traumatic stress dis­order.

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Fred Davis

3Qs: The science of sleep

If you want to ace your exams, you’ll need to study hard. But, says Fred Davis, a biology professor with expertise in circadian rhythms, you’ll also need to put down the books and catch a little shuteye.

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