A Better Future for Urban Coastal Environment

More than two-thirds of the world’s major cities are by the sea. As the world’s population grows, many of those cities are experiencing massive influxes, which translate into increasing burdens on coastal environments, according to Geoff Trussell, director of Northeastern’s Marine Science Center and chair of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences. In the […]

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Chemotherapy from the Inside Out

A significant number of prostate cancer patients are treated with a combination of radiation and chemotherapy, according to Sri Sridhar, Distinguished Professor of Physics in the College of Science. While combination therapy can have a synergistic effect, the approach has drawbacks, said Sridhar’s colleague, Paul Nguyen, an assistant professor of radiation oncology at Harvard Medical […]

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An Interdisciplinary Approach To Drug-Abuse Research

More than 50 students and faculty, along with academic, industry and governmental partners of Northeastern’s Center for Drug Discovery, convened earlier this month for the 10th annual symposium on current trends in drug-abuse research. The CDD takes an interdisciplinary approach to discovering novel medications and drug-development methods. The daylong symposium featured presentations on a variety […]

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