There are a variety of ways to find and fund undergraduate research opportunities at Northeastern University. Please see the College of Science and Office of the Provost websites for detailed information and helpful hints. Additional research funding opportunities exist in the Honors Program and in the University Scholars Program.

After finding a research lab, you are encouraged to apply for a Provost’s Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavors Awards which provides funds for research support including supplies, software, and partial travel to research sites and to present work at professional meetings. Behavioral Neurosciences student grant recipients and their project titles are listed below:

Year BNS Student(s) Faculty Mentor Project Title
2015-16 Irina Ahn Wendy Smith Maternal Effects on Embryonic Immunity
George Bekheet and Hayden Henderson Marilyn Minus A Multi-Assay Recording System (MARS) for Electrophysiological Data Acquisition from Awake Behaving Mice
Anthony Formicola Alisa Lincoln Resources for Indigenous Peoples in Australia
Pankhuri Singhal James Monaghan CRISPR/Cas9 mediated knockout of novel genes regulating limb patterning in the regenerating axolotl model
Jaimie Spahr Joseph Ayers Robotic Lobster Antennae Mimic Exploratory Sensory Behavior
2014-15 Ololade Akingbade Sarah Janel Jackson Reclaiming the Narrative: Black Voice and Productive Racial Discourse in Ferguson, Missouri
Kristen Brown and Christine Boutros
Gregory Miller Exploring Co-Use of Marijuana and Alcohol: Order Effects of Marijuana Constituents on Ethanol Self-Administration in a Mouse Model
Emily Burke Randy Colvin Investigating the Connectivity between Mouse V1 Neurons and the Higher Visual Areas
Nicole Comfort Franklin Naarendorp Linear integration for perceptual behavior in mouse primary auditory and visual cortex
Veronica Diaz Phyllis Strauss DNA Base Excision Repair Proteins in Early Zebrafish Development
Emily Doucette Heather Brenhouse Etanercept Intervention in a Second Hit Model of Stress
Julia Ebert Dagmar Sternad Human Control of Complex Objects: Stability in the Face of Perturbations
Kimberly Konig Gunther K.H. Zupanc Temperature-dependent expression modulation of heat-shock proteins HSP70 and HSP90 in the central nervous system of knifefish, a regeneration-competent vertebrate
Alejandro Rovira Richard J. Melloni Cannabinoids & Vasopressin Production in the mSON and NC of the AH in AAS-treated Hamsters
Alexis Stefano Rebecca Shansky Sex Differences in Dendritic Morphology of Amygdala Neurons Specific to Fear Conditioning
Ronan Talty Rebecca Shansky Investigation of Sex Differences in the Prefrontal Cortex, Basolateral Amygdala, and Ventral Tegmental Area following Fear Conditioning and Extinction
Rain Thomas Rebecca Shansky The effects of alcohol on the developing female brain
2013-14 Alex Anatone Wendy Smith Prophenoloxidase Knockout
George Bekheet with John Howard and Mark Tawfik David Kaeli and Jade Zee Neuroscience Outreach Project
Molly Kirk Jade Zee Steroid-mediated plasticity of teleost hindbrain vocal motoneurons in vitro
Matthew Nguyen James Monaghan Circadian Rhythm and Vertebrate Regeneration
Sruti Patel Erin Cram Investigating the Regulation of G10H expression by ZCT1
2012-13 Ogbitse Charles Frank Naarendorp Does vitamin A activate rhodopsin and sensitize it to ultraviolet light in the mammalian eye?
Julia Ebert Dagmar Sternad Origins of Asymmetric Learning in an Asymmetric Bimanual Task
Sam Rendall Lisa Feldman Barrett Evaluating Neural Network Modulation Resulting from Cerebellar Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in Schizophrenic Patients
Lucia Ryll Fred Davis Analysis of neural grafts by immunohistochemistry in mice
2011-12 Glenn Goldey Jade Zee Chronic, in vivo, Deep Brain Imaging of Higher Order Thalamic Nuclei Interconnected with Primary Visual Cortex
Kayla Hamilton Richard Marsh Energy use when carrying load with a transverse shoulder yoke
Eric MacDonald Jade Zee Neural activity in the orbitofrontal cortex during an aversion/reward conflict
Micheal Maguire Wendy Smith Design and characterization of antibody directed against insect growth factor
Ashley Perry Wendy Smith Development of a novel AKH assay
2010-11 Jonathan Archibold Marcelo Febo Self-administration models of addiction
Joseph Musacchia Ralph Loring Do-SH-SY5Y cells produce nitric oxide in response to glutamate
Tara Nichols and Molly Sanders-Cannon Lisa Feldman Barrett San Diego Science Festival
Kathleen O’Neill Wendy Smith The effect of TOR inhibition on hormone stimulated ecdysone secretion
Michael Reed Marcelo Febo Characterization of mPFC neurons in the maternal brain
Demetris Roumis Donald O’Malley Characterization of axonal regeneration in larval zebrafish
Benjamin Russell Rebecca Rosengaus Vibrational communication in termites: ESA Presentation 2010
Michael Tackenberg Fred Davis Double-labelled anti-phase circadian regulatory genes
Michael Tackenberg and Thomas Backas Fred Davis In vivo assessment of cellular synchrony
2009-10 Kevin Greene Gail Begley Cost and clinical effectiveness of neurosurgery in Bolivia
Jorel Vargas Edgar Goluch The effects of extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields on calcium ion transport during neurodegeneration
2008-9 Raymond Dematteo Edward Jarroll Purification and characterization of cyst wall synthase
Anthony Falcone Christian Teter Medication adherence and drug attitudes among inpatients with bipolar disorder and the impact of co-occurring substance use disorder
Stacey Gomes Jay McLaughlin Post Traumatic stress disorder behaviors
Mark Henry Fred Davis Teratogenic effect of cadmium is dependent on the circadian clock
Tehya Johnson Marcelo Febo Using fMRI to study cocaine and maternal brain reward circuits
Jessica LaRosa Rebecca Rosengaus More is not better: Costs of plemoetrosis in the neotropical termite Nasutitermes corniger
Erica Madero Wendy Smith The effects of insulin-like peptides on growth in Tribolium castaneum
Margaret Moyer Wendy Smith Investigation of spinal regeneration processes in the larval zebrafish
Elizabeth Sypek Jay McLaughlin Morphine-mediated behaviors
Jennifer Tarnack Ralph Loring Nicotine effects mediated by alpha-4 beta-2 nicotine receptors up-regulation and anti-inflammatory effects
Erin Vinoski Wendy Smith Investigating the role of prothoracicotropic hormone on development in Tribolium castaneum
2007-8 Matthew Propert Tendon architecture determines the function of the fibularis longos function during legged locomotion and jumping in birds
Andrea Quintero Neutral basis of theory of mind in typical development and autism
Carmen Thurston Putative Kappa Opiod Inverse Agonists and Antidepressants
2006-7 Robin Ortiz Intranasal Gene Delivery Using Cationic Liposomes: A Novel Treatment Strategy for Parkinson’s Disease
Jacqueline Smith Sensitization to Cocaine Induced by the HIV Accessory Protein Tat