Northeastern’s Research, Innovation, and Scholarship Expo (RISE) is an annual event that showcases student and faculty cutting-edge research and fundamental discoveries that can be translated into real-world applications. This exciting opportunity connects student presenters to the Northeastern community and provides networking opportunities with judges from industry, investment firms, political and legal offices, healthcare and medical device companies and media personnel.

As exemplified in these posters, Behavioral Neuroscience students are stellar agents of Northeastern’s global, entrepreneurial and innovative spirit.

2016 RISE Posters by BNS Students

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Ololade Akingbade, Reclaiming the Narrative: Black Voice and Productive Racial Discourse in Ferguson & St. Louis, Missouri


Sam Daoust, Presence of Cognitive Construals in an Undergraduate Level Introduction to Biology Course Lecture


Oumaima Bougazzoul, Emotional Face Perception is Altered Depending on the Presence or Absence of Context


Emily Burke with Courtney Dobrott, Viral Approaches for Investigating Connectivity between V1 and the Higher Visual Areas


Joseph Chung, Development of a Fluorescence-based Western Blot and Quantification of CFTR


Ayesha Galadari with Shezal Padani, To Shoot or Not to Shoot: Effect of Framing of Threat-Related Imagery on Threat Perception in the Shooter Bias Task


Noa Golan, Impact of Adolescent Social Defeat Stress on Enduring Cognitive and Social Effects from Early Life Stress


Margee Kyada, Changes in Saccade Rate Over Time in Simulated Thalamic Visual Prostheses in Monkeys


Safiya Lahlaf, Asymmetric Color Matches Compared to Six Mechanism Chromatic Detection Model


Olenka Olesnycky with Paula Cutrim, Media Exposure Impairs Perception of Body Image


Sofia Perez Arias with Alexa Vidalis, HIV Prevention Interventions in Kenya: Quality of Care in the ORPHEA Project


Shayna Peterzell with Mackenzie Ramsey, Novel Video Game Paradigm is Useful for Emotion Research


Katerina Toro Torres with Noelle Castilla-Ojo and Ryan Margolin, Entrainment of the Fetal Circadian Clock by Temperature Cycles


Nisha Udupa, Which Comes First? Age of Onset in Comorbid MDD and Alcohol Dependence in a Psychiatric Setting


2015 RISE Posters by BNS Students

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Brooke Alfson, Evaluating Communication Skills of Physicians: Specialty and Gender Biases


Nicole Comfort with Robert Ohman and Alan Perillo, Linear Integration for Perceptual Behavior in Mouse Primary Auditory and Visual Cortex


Julia Ebert, Why You Don’t Spill Your Coffee


Kathryn Levitsky with Lauren Sears, Hiding in Plain Sight: Unseen Emotional Images Influence Trait Ratings and Physiology


Nicole Rodis with Alexa Henriques, Exploring Psychological Desire and Craving Through First-Person Experience Sampling


Tedi Rosenstein with Amy Kristi, Rewritable Fidelity: How Monogamous Pair Bonds are Affected by a History of Previous Bonding Experience in the Prairie Vole (Microtus ochrogaster)


Pankhuri Singhal with Matthew Nguyen, Regulation of Limb Patterning by Retinoic Acid During Regeneration


Ronan Talty, Estrogen-Dopamine Interactions in Female Rats During Extinction Learning


Lauren Trudeau, Changing the Channel to Regulate Emotions


Additional 2015 RISE Posters from BNS Faculty Labs


Ayers Lab, Controlling a Biomimetic Lobster Robot with an Electronic Nervous System


2014 RISE Posters by BNS Students

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Alaina Baker with Alana Oster, Roshni Dave and Lauren Sears, Seeing is Believing: The Effect of Timing on Affective Vision


Lucy Bingham with Vitalis Osuji, A Reasonable Compensation to the Meat Paradox


Monet Bland, Lifespan Extension via Translation Inhibition is Mediated By ATF-5


Alexa Vidalis with Lauren Boehm, Early life stress disrupts social behavior and prefrontal cortex parvalbumin interneurons at an earlier time-point in females than in males


Julia Ebert, Asymmetric Learning in an Asymmetric Bimanual Task


Zachary Feinberg with Tullia Lieb and Anna Neumann, Individual Differences in Anxiety, Arousal, and Threat Perception after the Boston Marathon Bombings


Anthony Formicola with Tara Srirangarajan, Inducing Speech Errors in Dysarthria Using Tongue Twisters


Jordyn Hanover, How Does Context Change Your Perception of Emotion?


Jessica Mecklosky, Diagnosing Affective Experience from Prefrontal Activity using fNIRS


Matthew Nguyen, Circadian Control of Limb Regeneration in the Axolotl Salamander


Alexandra Shoff with Samantha DiChiara and Lauren Sears, Understanding Individual Differences in Response to Social Stress



2014 RISE Abstracts

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Mary Shanley, DNA Damage Repair in A. baumannii


Victoria Smith, The Effects of Mindfulness and Body Attention on Eye-blink Startle Response


Additional 2014 RISE Posters from BNS Faculty Labs


Melloni Lab, Upstream Dopamine D2 receptors modulate anabolic-androgenic steroid-induced aggression


Ayers Lab, The role of ionic currents in distinguishing the pyloric and gastric dynamics in the stomatogastric ganglion in the American lobster


Ayers Lab, Neuroethological study of North American lobsters using novel video capture and portable electrophysiological techniques