Cassandra Buzby (right)


“I am so thankful to have had opportunities to explore both academia and industry aspects of neuroscience research, through co-ops at MIT and Pfizer.  Every experience I’ve had at Northeastern has built upon the last – my volunteer experience with electrophysiology in Northeastern’s Brain Computer Interface lab and behavioral work at MIT led to my in vivo electrophysiology co-op at Pfizer – and have culminated in my post-graduate employment at Pfizer.  I look forward to pursuing a graduate degree in the future and continuing a career in neuroscience research.”

Elaine Bertolini (left)


“While at Northeastern, I played an active part in the Honors Program, Nu Rho Psi, and Husky Ambassadors. At my second and third co-ops at the Harvard NeuroDiscovery Center and Pfizer, I discovered my love for research and a specific interest in the neuroendocrinology of pain and new forms of pain management. This was especially strong in my mind as I walked the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage across Northern Spain on my second Dialogue of Civilizations- a hike of 160 miles in two weeks. Those two weeks changed my life forever.”

Elaine will investigate neurodegenerative diseases at Lysosomal therapeutics, Inc. prior to joining a graduate program in Neuroscience at University College London in 2017. She hopes to walk the entire 470 mile Camino Frances and aspires to combine her love of the Camino and interest in the neuroscience of pain to be on the front lines of the next pain management breakthrough.


Joanna Dlugos


“In addition to my major, I completed a minor in Marine Science. Northeastern really allowed me to explore all of my interests and gave me a unique perspective on not only research, but patient care as well. BNS has given me incredible insights about my patients and helped me excel during my final co-op in the Emergency Department at Tufts Medical Center. Without the opportunities Northeastern has given me these past five years, I would not be where I am today.”

After graduation, Joanna will be continuing as a Clinical Care Technician at Tufts Medical Center as she applies to Physician Assistant programs.


Ralph Peterson_huntinton100Ralph Peterson


“Northeastern provides the quintessential educational and professional experience for those who enjoy “learning by doing”, like myself.  In addition to completing a minor in Entrepreneurship, the BNS major enabled me to participate in neurobiology research at Northeastern with Dr. Rebecca Shansky and complete three co-ops at Harvard Medical School, where I became a published author on a major scientific publication, traveled to the Society for Neuroscience meeting in Chicago to present novel research findings, and ultimately joined the lab I spent co-op with, as a full-time technician.  The BNS & co-op programs, as well as the ubiquitous resources offered throughout Northeastern, have allowed me to excel as a student and young professional; I couldn’t have done it without them.”

Ralph is currently a research technician at the Datta Lab in the Department of Neurobiology at Harvard Medical School, as well as co-founder of Acadalyst, a company devoted to helping academic researchers prepare their research inventions for commercialization.


sarah keith

Sarah Keith


“I have done a lot of research in the field of neuroscience during my time at Northeastern, including assistant positions in labs studying adolescent stress and gender and hormone influences in PTSD, as well as a coop position at Massachusetts General Hospital researching visual prostheses. After graduation, I plan on working with patients to gain experience, then applying to Physician’s Assistant programs to hopefully work in multiple fields of medicine.”

Sarah is currently an urgent care medical assistant at Columbus Regional Healthcare in Georgia.



abigail kim

Abigail Kim


“Through tailored courses, internships, a directed study and both a Northeastern co-op and a co-op I created myself, I was able to freely explore my interests in psychiatry and health. Time in the Behavioral Neuroscience program prepared me to confidently enter the public health research field following graduation.”

Abby is currently a research assistant in the Dept. of Community Health Sciences at Boston University’s School of Public Health.




lauren parikhal

Lauren Parikhal


“During my time at Northeastern, I had the opportunity to grow academically, professionally, and personally. By choosing BNS as my major, I took a variety of challenging courses that allowed me to develop a strong scientific foundation and a passion for science as an art form. I plan to simultaneously utilize my education and pursue my passions by striving to make science easier for the general public to understand and gain interest in. I am currently employed at the MIT AgeLab where I work closely with researchers as they develop new technologies designed to improve the lives of the aging population.”



shawn sanford

Shawn Sanford


“My second and favorite co-op was at the Tufts Medical Center Emergency Department. This co-op allowed me to treat a diverse group of patients at an urban medical center while reaffirming my desire to become a doctor. Upon graduating from Northeastern, I continue to work in the emergency department while applying to medical schools. I believe that the education I have received here at Northeastern, in the Behavioral Neuroscience program, and in my co-ops have created a solid foundation for my future.”

Shawn is accepted at the University of Vermont College of Medicine for Fall 2016.



monet bland

Monet Bland


“My undergraduate career at Northeastern has been defined by my research on the mechanisms responsible for longevity as well as healthy aging in the model organism C. elegans. My research allowed me to better understand an organism’s response to both metabolic and environmental stresses. I was able to complete my undergraduate thesis on translation inhibition in the Blackwell Lab at Joslin Diabetes Center and contribute to two manuscripts in preparation for publishing.”

Monet is continuing her research at the Joslin Diabetes Center as well as pursuing the Masters Program in Exercise Science at Northeastern.




Sarah Ganley


“Through my internship experience in the emergency department and intensive care unit at Brigham and Woman’s Hospital, I discovered my passion for clinical research.  [While at Northeastern], I was able to spend time in Poland doing research on the ethics of research with a particular focus on research conducted during the Holocaust in World War II. This experience allowed me to learn more about the European health care system. I plan on pursuing my passion of clinical research internationally with a global contract research organization.”

Sarah is a clinical research assistant II for the Center for Resuscitation Science through Critical Care and Emergency Medicine Research at Beth Isreal Deaconess Medical Center and is currently working on several investigational and observational clinical trials as well as hospital initiatives and big data projects.


emily wiecek

Emily Wiecek


“The BNS Program taught me to think like a scientist and helped encourage me to participate in research. A co-op position at Schepens Eye Research Institute led to a cross-continental PhD at the Institute of Ophthalmology at University College London after graduation. Much of my doctoral work was conducted at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary and is based in psychophysics with the goal of developing better detection measures for the progression of retinal diseases. Since defending my PhD in December 2014, I’ve enrolled in the accelerated OD program at the New England College of Optometry (for PhDs/MDs).”



shawn cogan

Shawn Cogan


“If I was not a BNS major, I would not have gotten my first co-op, which led to my second and third, which lead me to focus on oncology research and land the job I have today at one of the top pharmaceutical companies in the world. I have nothing but great things to say about BNS and the experience and wealth of knowledge you are exposed to, in a major that allows you to focus your time on the things that interest you the most.”

Shawn is currently a Principal Associate Scientist at Compass Therapeutics LLC, an antibody discovery and development company focused on comprehensively drugging the tumor-immune synapse with combinations of human monoclonal antibodies, multiclonals and engineered protein constructs.


chad pusateri

Chad Pusateri


“Choosing to be a BNS major helped me get into medical school through its flexible curriculum which allowed me to tailor my educational interests. The co-op program was an invaluable experience as it allowed me to network with physicians who would eventually contribute to my medical school acceptance. Becoming a BNS major was one of the best decisons I made as an undergrad.”

Chad is currently an urologic surgery resident at Naval Medical Center, San Diego. Chad previously spent several years as the Battalion Surgeon for 2D Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment in Camp Lejeune, NC.