Northeastern University, with its proximity to some of the nation’s top hospitals and a rich environment of biotechnology and pharmaceutical firms, is in an unparalleled position to pursue research with direct applications to medicine and health.

Additional information on research at Northeastern is available at the Office of the Vice Provost for Research and in the Faculty Experts Database.

The Antimicrobial Discovery Center
The mission of the Antimicrobial Discovery Center is to translate basic science discoveries into novel antimicrobial therapies to combat Biowarfare and conventional pathogen threats. Funded by grants from the NIH, NSF, and DOE and directed by Dr. Kim Lewis, the Center draws faculty members from Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Listen to WBUR’s report about Dr. Lewis’s research on Lyme disease:

The Barnett Institute of Chemical and Biological Analysis
The Barnett Institute, directed by Dr. Barry Karger, is a center of excellence in advanced methods for protein analysis. With a mission to work collaboratively on real-world problems, the Institute executes projects for many well-known biotechnology companies and agencies.

Center for Drug Discovery (CDD)
The Center for Drug Discovery, directed by Dr. Alexandros Makriyannis, is dedicated to the discovery of novel medications and the development of approaches and technologies aimed at improving the discovery of new therapeutic drugs.

Center for Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and Nanomedicine
The Center for Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and Nanomedicine, directed by Dr. Vladimir Torchilin, performs intensive research in areas such as nanomedicine, intracellular drug delivery, experimental cancer immunotherapy, combination therapy of cancer, and novel imaging agents.

Center for Translational NeuroImaging (CTNI)
The Center for Translational NeuroImaging provides services to the academic community interested in the areas of animal modeling and drug testing to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of CNS diseases. The Center is directed by Dr. Craig Ferris, whose research focuses on how early emotional and environmental risk factors alter social and cognitive behaviors.

New England Inflammation and Tissue Protection Institute (NEITPI)
Focusing on the role of tissue inflammation in fighting disease and infection, and the mechanisms that control tissue inflammation in the body, the Institute’s work has immediate implications for anti-cancer strategies and approaches to improved vaccines. The Institute is directed by Dr. Michail Sitkovsky.