The intent of the pre-co-op (paid or unpaid) is to provide exposure to “real-world” learning in industry, government, teaching hospitals and academic research labs. It is performed for 0 credits.

Students must complete the professional development co-op course (BIOT6500) before pursing a pre-co-op off campus.

Students are responsible for securing their own pre-co-op.

Pre-co-op Requirements

  1. Students must be in good academic standing (a GPA of 3.0 or better).
  2. The pre-co-op may only be performed prior to the co-op. It cannot replace the co-op or be performed simultaneously with the co-op.
  3. Each student is permitted to perform one pre-co-op experience during the program.
  4. The pre-co-op will be no more than four months in length and will not exceed 40 hours per week.
  5. Students must inform the Academic Director when they receive a pre-co-op offer, and/or accept a position.
  6. Pre-co-op start and end dates must coincide with the university’s semester start and end dates. An exception may be made on the start date with the approval of the Academic Director.
  7. International students must be enrolled in BIOT6400 Pre-co-op Experience and complete appropriate paperwork for the ISSI Office prior to beginning the pre-co-op.
  8. The pre-co-op is a pass/fail course and will appear on the academic transcript.
  9. Upon completion of the pre-co-op, students will write a one-page paper on what they learned during the experience.
  10. For students who wish to perform a pre-co-op and a co-op at the same location, there will be a distinction between the two experiences, see co-op requirements.