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The Graduate Certificate in Biopharmaceutical Analytical Sciences has been designed in response to a need in the biotechnology industry for individuals with an advanced knowledge of the principles and practices of state-of-the-art analyses of protein with focus on the characterization of innovator and biosimilars. Individuals, particularly those who are working in the various sectors of biotechnology including basic research of biological systems, discovery, development and manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals, will improve their competency and learn new practical skills enabling them to increase productivity and further contribute to their professions. In addition, the certificate was designed for both individuals with and without experience in biopharmaceuticals and their analysis.

Certificate Program Highlights:

  • The certificate consists of four courses totaling 12SH credits.
  • This program can be taken on-ground in Boston or online with a residency requirement*
  • To qualify for application, individuals must be eligible to study in the U.S. on a part-time basis.
  • The certificate may serve as a gateway to the MS in Biotechnology Program. Individuals who successfully complete the certificate, then apply to the MS in Biotechnology Program and are accepted, may apply all 12 credits towards the degree program.

Lecture courses are available in on-ground and online delivery formats.


* Lab course CHEM 5617 is delivered on-ground.

Admissions Deadlines and Criteria for Graduate Certificate in Biopharmaceutical Analytical Sciences