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Our main educational objective for students is the attainment of a common core of knowledge in biotechnology, with particular emphasis on their ability to integrate knowledge across disciplinary boundaries.

Specific concentration objectives are to provide students with didactic and practical knowledge:

  • in protein analytical approaches and methodologies for activities and functions of biopharmaceuticals (Biopharmaceutical Analytical Sciences)
  • in integrating business and management skills with the science of biotechnology (Biotechnology Enterprise)
  • of the biotechnology industry with regards to entrepreneurship, innovation, leadership, finance, and marketing (Biotechnology Enterprise)
  • in formulation development and drug product manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals (Pharmaceutical Technologies)
  • in development and optimization of drug substance manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals (Process Sciences)

Graduates receive a Master of Science (MS) degree with a major in biotechnology.

Program Curriculum

Course Descriptions