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Our main educational objective for students is the attainment of a common core of knowledge in biotechnology, with particular emphasis on their ability to integrate knowledge across disciplinary boundaries. Specific concentration objectives are to provide students with didactic and practical knowledge:

  • in protein analytical approaches and methodologies for activities and function of biopharmaceuticals (Biopharmaceutical Analytical Sciences)
  • in integrating business and management skills with the science of biotechnology (Biotechnology Enterprise)
  • in formulation development and drug product manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals (Pharmaceutical Technologies)
  • in development and optimization of drug substance manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals (Process Sciences)

Graduates of the PlusOne receive a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in biology or biochemistry and following a Master of Science (MS) degree with a major in biotechnology.

Thirty-four graduate credits are required in the PlusOne program; half of these (17 SH) can be taken as an undergraduate.

In essence, a fixed series of prescribed courses taken as an undergraduate (see below) replaces most of the science electives taken for the BS. While the student is an undergraduate, up to 17 credits of graduate courses can double count towards both the undergraduate and graduate degrees. Once the student graduate with his/her BS the student becomes a full-time graduate student, enrolling in the same courses as other second year graduate students in the PSM program, and taking a minimum of 17 credits of graduate courses.