“Manufacturing facilities are either up now or going to be built for these [sophisticated biotechnology] products in the near future.  A lot of hot, new stuff is coming online, and manufacturing will be where many jobs end up.”
-Louise Duffy of GlaxoSmithKline. Read more in Tooling Up: The Biomanufacturing Career Track, Science Careers, (7/17/09)

Massachusetts Biotech Council (MBC)
To learn about job openings at MBC member companies, visit the Massachusetts Biotechnology Educational Foundation website’s extensive career information section at http://www.massbioed.org/students/careers_in_biotech.php

Presidential Management Fellows Program
Since 1977, the PMF Program has helped Federal agencies meet their workforce and succession planning needs by attracting outstanding master’s, law, and doctoral-level students to the Federal service. Students can use this two-year fellowship as a stepping stone to highly visible and respected leadership positions in the Federal Government.

The rigorous two-year paid program includes:

  • Formal classroom training of 160 hours
  • Mandatory four to six month developmental assignment
  • Optional rotations of one to six months in duration
  • Challenging work assignments
  • Potential for accelerated promotions
  • Opportunities to network with other future leaders

For more information, go to https://www.pmf.opm.gov/HAcademia.aspx

Making the Difference – What Kinds of Federal Jobs Are There?
Think you need a political science degree to work for the federal government? Think again! The federal government’s broad mission means there are jobs in every field. From architects to zoologists, the federal government is looking for a wide variety of talented and dedicated employees. For more information, go to http:www.usajobs.gov/.