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As a graduate of Northeastern’s Biotechnology PSM Program, you are one of more than 200 alumni representing an expansive range of business, clinical, and technical positions in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries both across the country and around the world. You are an ambassador for Northeastern, our programs, and the Professional Science Master’s degree and we are proud of your success.

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What’s New?

Northeastern has started its first ever research blog! The blog is called iNSolution because that’s what Northeastern’s faculty and student researchers are in the business of — finding solutions to societal problems while simultaneously contributing to the fundamental knowledge base of their respective fields. Subscribe to iNSolution or follow on Facebook or Twitter – http://www.northeastern.edu/insolution/.

Northeastern is an institutional member of the National Professional Science Master’s Association (NPSMA). For information about the NPSMA and the membership benefits for alumni including networking opportunities with other PSM graduates, go to http://www.npsma.org/ If you have questions about the NPSMA, please contact Administrative Manager Cynthia Bainton at c.bainton@neu.edu.