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Closed/Restricted Course Registration Requests
If you have questions about being enrolled in a closed or restricted course, please contact your academic advisor or Aaron Roth, Biology Academic Operations Manager.

Peer Tutoring and Review Sessions
We offer support for our undergraduate students in the form of peer tutoring and review sessions. Peer tutors for the biology department are current Northeastern University undergraduate students who have been recommended by their instructors, and who have completed a mandatory training program. Tutors work with faculty and staff to provide support to Northeastern undergraduate students in a variety of biology courses, serving a vital function by assisting with assignments and study skills. We organize review sessions for courses and some of these sessions are run by tutors who have been trained as supplemental instruction leaders.If you would like to request a tutor, please log into your MyNEU account and view your registration for the current term. You will have the option of selecting a tutor from that screen.

Our tutors are dependable, have excellent communication skills, strong recommendations from their instructors, an interest in working one-on-one or in small groups with their peers, and a solid command of the course material (final grade A- or A). The tutors maintain an overall GPA of 3.0 or greater. Please contact the biology department if you have an interest in being a tutor.

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