Undergraduate students have many options available to enhance their educational experience with the Department of Biology.

Co-op (cooperative learning) is a cornerstone of Northeastern University, and has existed as part of the curriculum for more than 100 years. It offers students the opportunity to get real life experience in the career of their choosing while continuing to pursue their undergraduate degree.

Students spend six months at a time on co-op, and typically go on two or three co-ops in four or five years as a student. The experiences for biology students range from working in one of the many hospitals in Boston to working in a research lab at Northeastern or another nearby university to working for a company in another country.

For more information about co-op within the College of Science, visit the COS website.

Additionally, the department of Biology is committed to giving students the opportunity to be involved in our research efforts.  Students are able to contact faculty members to sign up for a 4-credit hour course – BIOL4991, Research.  

This course is usually an individual study course that allows a student to work on a research project.  During the summer (session one or two), there is often a section of this course offered for a group undergraduate research project.  

Students with Work-Study can work in our labs by applying for our Undergraduate Lab Assistant position through the Student Employment Office.  Volunteering in a lab is also a great option to get research experience.