The Molecular Microbiology Group is interested in understanding the rise of multidrug resistant pathogens and the threat of genetically engineered bioweapons. Hence the focus of this group intersects strongly with that of the University in the areas of health and security.

The Molecular Microbiology group investigates the bases of dormant persister cells, uncultured bacteria, composition and function of the human and environmental microbiomes, mechanisms underlying mutagenesis, regulation of the DNA damage response, and bacterial development including biofilm formation. Further strengths include the development of platforms for the discovery of new antimicrobials.

Dr. Lewis, a member of this group, directs the Antimicrobial Discovery Center (ADC) located in the Biology Department. Two biotechnology companies, NovoBiotic Pharmaceuticals and Arietis Corporation are spinoffs from the technologies developed at Northeastern and work in collaboration with the Center.

The group publishes in high-profile journals (Nature, Science, PNAS, PloSBiology, PloSPathogens), is supported by substantial funding including grants from NIH, NSF, the Gates Foundation and the Pfeiffer Foundation, and includes a correspondingly large number of team members and collaborators.

Yunrong ChaiYunrong Chai
Title: Associate Professor
Expertise: Microbial genomics and biofilm formation
Slava EpsteinSlava Epstein
Title: College Distinguished Professor
Expertise: Microbial ecology, diversity, and biotechnology
Veronica Godoy-CarterVeronica Godoy-Carter
Title: Associate Professor
Expertise: Molecular Microbiology, DNA Damage Pathways
Kim LewisKim Lewis
Title: University Distinguished Professor; Director, Antimicrobial Discovery Center
Expertise: Molecular Microbiology
Jacqueline PiretJacqueline Piret
Title: Associate Professor and Associate Head Advisor
Expertise: Molecular Microbiology