Unless otherwise noted, all postal mail should be sent to: 
Northeastern University Department of Biology

134 Mugar Life Sciences

360 Huntington Avenue

Boston, MA 02115 USA

All faxes should be sent to: 617.373.3724

Chairperson, Department of Biology

Jon Tilly
Jonathan Tilly, Professor & Chair
Email: chairmanbiology@neu.edu




Department Contacts

Frauke ArgyrosFrauke Argyros, Laboratory Supervisor
Email: f.argyros@neu.edu
Phone: 617.373.2118
Location: 703 Behrakis



William FowleWilliam Fowle, Facilities Manager, EM Lab
Email: w.fowle@neu.edu
Phone: 617.373.3075
Location: 424 Mugar



Adrian GilbertAdrian Gilbert, Business and Space Utilization Manager
Email: a.gilbert@neu.edu
Phone: 617.373.4046
Location: 134 Mugar



Morline Gordon-GrierMorline Gordon-Grier, Administrative Secretary for Behavioral Neuroscience and Biochemistry
Email: m.gordongrier@neu.edu
Phone: 617.373.2852
Location: 203 Mugar



Janeen GreeneJaneen Greene, Administrative Assistant
Email: ja.greene@neu.edu
Phone: 617.373.2262
Location: 134 Mugar



Patricia HampfPatricia Hampf, Laboratory Supervisor
Email: p.hampf@neu.edu
Phone: 617.373.2264
Location: 607 Behrakis



Petya Koeva-DobrevaPetya Koeva-Dobreva, Staff Assistant
Email: k.koeva-dobreva@neu.edu

Phone: 617.373.2261
Location: 134 Mugar



Corissa Mantooth, Laboratory Supervisor
Email: c.lennon@neu.edu
Phone: 617.373.3497
Location: 604 Behrakis


Aaron RothAaron Roth, Senior Laboratory Supervisor
Email: a.roth@neu.edu
Phone: 617.373.2263
Location: 134 Mugar



Academic Officers

Kostia BergmanKostia Bergman, Associate Professor
Director, Undergraduate Studies and Head Advisor

Undergraduate Advising Office Hours: http://tinyurl.com/bioadv



Donald O'MalleyDonald O’Malley, Associate Professor
Director, Graduate Studies




Undergraduate Advising Contacts

Undergraduate Advising Office Hours: http://tinyurl.com/bioadv

Kostia BergmanBiology Head Advisor
Kostia Bergman, Associate Professor




Jacqueline PiretBiology Associate Head Advisor
Jacqueline Piret, Associate Professor




Phyllis StraussInterim Director, Biochemistry Program
Phyllis Strauss, Matthews Distinguished Professor




Jade ZeeAssistant Director, Behavioral Neuroscience Program
Jade Zee, Assistant Academic Specialist




Gail BegleyDirector of University PreHealth Advising Program
Gail Begley, Associate Academic Specialist




Cynthia SeltzerManager, University PreHealth Advising Program
Cynthia Seltzer, Advisor