Do I need to submit all materials by the application deadline?

Yes, all materials should be submitted by the application deadline for primary consideration.

Can I apply for part-time study in the PhD Biology program?

No, the PhD in Biology program is only available for full-time study.  There is a significant amount of research involved with this program and it is best that a student have full-time status to complete the program in a reasonable time frame.

How long does it take to get a PhD?

The program is designed to enable completion within 5 years.

Can I apply for part-time study in the MS in Bioinformatics program?

Yes, the MS in Bioinformatics program can be taken on a part-time basis. International applicants should consult the International Student and Scholar Institute here at Northeastern to make sure their visa type will allow them to be part-time students. The Bioinformatics program is intended to be a two-year program only when taken on a full-time basis.

What kinds of research do you do at Northeastern?

We seek to understand fundamental mechanisms and translate these findings to meet human and societal needs in the areas of cell and molecular biology, biochemistry, neurobiology, microbiology, aging and regenerative biology.  Please see this page for a description of our research activities.

Will I receive a teaching or research assistantship?

Yes, PhD students are typically supported on teaching or research assistantships.

What are my duties as a teaching assistant?

Teaching assistants help with the setup and safe conduct of our laboratory courses, including guiding students through the labs, holding office hours, and grading laboratory assignments.

What courses will I be taking? Will there be a qualifying or comprehensive exam?

Our program consists of core courses in your chosen discipline (eg. Cell Biology, Neurobiology, or Microbiology), a research problem solving and ethics course, the departmental seminar series, and two or more electives chosen from a wide variety of graduate courses (eg. Stem Cells, Protein Chemistry, Biological Imaging).  The qualifying exam consists of a written exam, based on analysis of the literature in that student’s field, and an oral thesis proposal.

What sort of job can I get as a PhD biologist?

Our graduates hold jobs in many different academic and industrial settings.  For example, recent graduates are employed as scientists in the Biotech industry (Abcam, Genzyme, Novobiotic and many others), as scientists at the NIH, as medical writers, science editors and journalists, as K-12 and College/University professors, and as postdoctoral researchers at many institutions including Harvard Medical School.