In Northeastern’s hallmark model of education, you integrate academic study with periods of full-time employment in positions related to your academic and/or career interests (“co-op positions”). Students spend six months at a time on co-op, and typically go on two or three co-ops in four or five years as a student. Northeastern provides a broad-based network of support that helps you prepare for and get the most from co-op, including guidance from on-campus co-op coordinators and partnership with thousands of employers.

There is a wide range of possible co-ops, with an equally wide range of real-life experience. Some examples of co-ops completed by our 2015 graduating class of biochemistry majors:

  • Army Natick Research, Development and Engineering Center (Natick, MA)
  • BASF The Chemical Company (New Jersey)
  • Belfer Institute for Applied Cancer Science at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (Boston)
  • Biogen (Boston)
  • Brigham & Women’s Hospital/Harvard Neurodiscovery CenterGenzyme (Boston)
  • Charles Krug Winery (Napa, CA)
  • Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (Berlin, Germany)
  • Moderna Therapeutics (Cambridge, MA)
  • Museum of Science (Cambridge, MA)
  • Northeastern’s Polymer Nanobiotechnology Lab (Boston)
  • Pfizer (Cambridge, MA)
  • Sanofi (Cambridge, MA)
  • University of Cape Town’s Medical Microbiology Lab (Cape Town, South Africa)
  • Vertex Pharmaceuticals (Boston, MA)

For more information about co-op within the College of Science, visit the COS website.

Co-op employment opportunities are arranged through your co-op advisor. The advisor for biochemistry is:

Chris Egan
206X Mugar Life Sciences Building


Shirley Wang

Shirley Wang

“At my co-op at Massachusetts General Hospital, I learned new techniques beyond the scope of the biochemistry major coursework. I was also exposed to the critical questions and thinking at the heart of scientific research.”



Carl PaladCarl Palad

“My first co-op at the Harvard School of Public Health, along with my second co-op at Ensemble Therapeutics, helped me gain valuable experience in research, as I was able to apply what I’ve learned from my biochemistry courses to these great positions.”



Janna Liptak

Janna Liptak

“I have completed two co-ops in the Boston area, at Tetraphase Pharmaceuticals and at Ensemble Therapeutics. Both experiences helped to solidify that a career in biotechnology is right for me, and I decided to continue my education through the Northeastern PlusOne program to receive my master’s degree in biotechnology.”