peter gPeter Georgiev, ’12, Biology

Peter worked under the direction of Professor Misha Sitkovsky in the Department of Biology. As an outcome of his co-op research experience, Peter has several working papers which he plans to submit for publication before going to graduate school. He is currently applying for 2014 matriculation to medical school.

“The research co-op fellowship allowed me to learn and develop sophisticated techniques of in-vivo manipulation ofanimals, surgery, anesthesia, as well as immunological procedures to evaluate the state of anti-pathogen immunity in septic animals.”


mathieuSteven Mathieu, ’08, Chemistry

Upon graduation, Steven accepted a position at Ensemble Therapeutics in Cambridge. The focus of the company is the application of their DNA-Programmed-Chemistry (DPC) technology as a novel drug discovery platform. He is currently a Senior Associate Scientist.

“My experience in the research co-op fellowship program allowed me to be involved in academic research within the field of chemistry/biotechnology.”


capaccioliMeaghan P. Capaccioli Cogswell, ’06, Behavioral Neuroscience

Meaghan worked under the direction of Professor Fred Davis, in the Department of Biology. She is currently a PhD candidate at Boston UniversitySchool of Medicine.

“My research co-op fellowship was instrumental in allowing me to pursue my interest in science and exposing me to the world of research. This program has truly impacted my future and started my career in science, which I am truly grateful for.”