Behavioral Neuroscience Program
The Behavioral Neuroscience Program combines the disciplines of psychology and biology to provide an understanding of how the behavior of humans and other animals is controlled by physiological systems.

Biochemistry Program 
Sponsored jointly by the Biology Department and the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, the Biochemistry Program includes nearly the entire spectrum of science – from physics and chemistry to biology and medicine.

Department of Biology
Students of Biology develop a basic understanding of the organization and processes of life, from molecules and cells through organs and organ systems to populations, species, ecosystems, and evolution.

Biotechnology Programs 
Interdisciplinary Professional Science Master’s (PSM) Program in biotechnology (biopharmaceutical analytical sciences, process sciences, and pharmaceutical technologies concentrations) combine graduate courses in the sciences with business and skills-based courses in management, leadership, and communications.

Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Research and teaching in the Chemistry and Chemical Biology Department connects physical sciences with life and applied sciences and provides theoretical and practical tools needed to address complex scientific issues.

Department of Marine and Environmental Sciences
Marine and Environmental Sciences programs are designed to help students develop an in-depth understanding of the processes that affect the earth’s surface and its natural resources.

Linguistics Program
Linguistics is the scientific study of human language which links to diverse fields including cognitive psychology, philosophy, neuroscience, computer science, and artificial intelligence.

Department of Mathematics
Students of Mathematics acquire the skills to utilize scientific discipline and creative imagination to convey both the abstract beauty of mathematics and the power of it application to the real world.

Department of Physics 
The Department of Physics performs research and provides study in condensed matter, fundamental particles and fields, network science, biophysics, and complexity.

Department of Psychology
Research and teaching in Psychology encompasses the multidisciplinary study of mind, brain, and behavior, with an emphasis on both fundamental and translational scientific inquiry.