Several professors in the Department of Mathematics were recently awarded $2,241,997 by the National Science Foundation.

The award aims to recruit and train young people by engaging them in research in exciting areas of mathematics — algebraic geometry and representation theory. The project involves all levels of education, from undergraduate to postdoctoral studies.

The group will be involved in the summer’s Bridge to Calculus high school program, as well as the Girls’ Angle math club. Additionally, they will work to develop new undergraduate courses, a lecture series for undergraduates, and undergraduate research experiences. At the graduate level, the group aims to develop graduate seminars and mini-courses, along with new graduate courses, summer schools for graduate students, and more opportunities for graduate students to mentor undergraduate students.

The award is funded through 2022. The professors on the award are Emanuele Macri, Chris Beasley, Ana-Maria Castravet, Don King, Valerio Toledano Laredo, Ivan Loseu, Alina Marian, and Jonathan Weitsman.