Lab Alumni

Doctoral Students

Cole Eidson (Ph.D. 2014)

  • Thesis: An Examination of the Extent of Adults’ Social Essentialism

Nadya Vasilyeva (Ph.D. 2011)

Allison Baker (Ph.D. 2005)

  • Thesis: Early Competence in Word Learning: Evidence from 10- and 14-month-old Infants.

Patrick Shafto (Ph.D. 2004)

  • Thesis: Novice Preferences for Taxonomic or Thematic Relations in Folkbiological Concepts.

Olga Stepanova Sachs (Ph.D. 2004)

  • Thesis: Vodka and Vermin: Naïve Reasoning about Alcohol and Animals.


Masters Students

Tara Muratore (M.A. 2009)

  • Thesis: Folk Biological Reasoning: Knowledge and Experience.

Anna Vitkin (M.A. 2006)

  • Thesis: The Influence of Cross-classification on Categorization and Inductive Inference.


Undergraduate Honors Students

Stephanie Silviera (Psychology, 2013)

  • Thesis: Connecting Executive Function and Selective Induction in Folkbiological Reasoning

Meredith Cohen (Psychology, 2012)

  • Thesis: Psychology Essentialism of Social Categories in the U.S. and Northern Ireland

Kaitlyn Amato (Psychology, 2007)

  • Thesis: Effects of Gender Stereotypes on Inferences about Occupations, Hobbies and Social Life

Elizabeth Brown (Psychology & Education, 2006)

  • Thesis: Differences in Nature Related Experiences for Rural, Suburban and Urban Children and Parents: Implications for Standardized Testing

Ocean Dunton (Psychology, 2006)

  • Thesis: Listening to Music Hinders the Ability to Complete a Novel Task

David Baldwin (Computer Science & Cognitive Psychology, 2006)

  • Thesis: Shallow Acquisition of Domain Specific Concepts by Naïve Learners

Jacqueline Gallagher (Psychology, 2004)

  • Thesis: Gender Differences in Learning Styles: Visual and Verbal Learners

Aixa Martinez Zuviria (Psychology, 2004)

  • Thesis: Tu or Usted: That is Not the Question

Cecily Schuler (Behavioral Neuroscience, 2002)

  • Thesis: Cognitive Flexibility, Generalization, and Idiosyncratic Behavior in Autistic Children

Elizabeth Baraff (Psychology, 2002)

  • Thesis: The Effects of Time Constraints on Expert and Novice Reasoning about Music

Lik Fun Chan (Psychology, 2001)

  • Thesis: Universals and Cultural Particulars in Perceived Attractiveness

Lily Yee (Psychology, 2000)

  • Thesis: Cultural Differences in Suggestibility among Chinese and European American Children


Undergraduate Co-op Research Coordinators

Hannah Wilkins (Behavioral Neuroscience), 2016

Alix Alto (Psychology), 2016

Julia Hurley (Psychology & Education), 2015

Jillian Book (Psychology), 2015

Kathryn Hardin (Psychology), 2014

Grace Kreher (Psychology), 2014

Lindsay Houck (Psychology),  2013

Samantha Doust (Behavioral Neuroscience), 2013

John McKenna (Psychology), 2012

Melanie Arensen (Psychology), 2012

Linsay Harrigan (Psychology), 2012

Tiffany Parkhurst (Psychology), 2011

Alison Robey (Psychology), 2011

Christine Torresson (Psychology), 2010

Mary Angilly (Psychology), 2010

Amanda Civiletto (Psychology), 2009

Elise Ramsay (Psychology), 2009

Emily Gillcrist (Psychology & Art), 2009

Yui Anzai (Psychology & Music), 2008

Amira DeSourdis (Behavioral Neuroscience), 2007

Kaitlyn Amato (Psychology), 2006

Nicole Ciampanelli (Behavioral Neuroscience), 2006

Nicole Ciaramicoli (Psychology), 2005

Jennelle Yopchick (Psychology), 2005

Konstantin Feigin (Linguistics), 2005

Claire Seaton (Psychology), 2004

Robin Kane (Psychology & Education), 2004

Aixa Martinez Zuviria (Psychology), 2003

Elizabeth Baraff (Psychology), 2002

Adam Nicolazzo (Behavioral Neuroscience), 2001

Maleshawane Mauco (Psychology), 2001

Lik Fun Chan (Psychology), 2001

Anna Corinne Freeman (Anthropology & Education, CEA-Way Project Scholarship recipient), 2000, 2001

Christopher Lawson (Psychology), 1999

Christian Luhmann (Computer Science, CEA Faculty-Undergraduate Research Institute Award), 1999


Undergraduate Research Assistants


Eve Anderson

Kathryn Aragon

Jessica Colucci

Samantha Daoust

Samantha Ernst

Teddi Remoundos


Kashfa Ahmed

Melanie Arenson

Mackenzie Bartz

Briana Gordon

Kathryn Hardin

Miriam Hinojosa

Grace Kreher

Callie Marsalisi

Alex Schenkler

Natassia Sidarto

Shreya Singhai

Jaimie Spahr

Ashley Treni

Michelle Zhao


Lauren Beaton

Joe Duguette

Lindsay Houck

Kim Koenig

Jennifer Pamphile

Emma Parish

Ja’Vonni Partlow


Alaa Alhomaizi

Cassandra Burke

Ashley Caron

Jessalyn Kelleher

Amanda Mendoca

Hayley O’Riordan

Rachel Olshansky

Alex Pierotti

Kelsey Ragsdale

Debra Tolhurst


Hazel Baker

Stephanie Gayronsky

Maura Keane

Seor Kwak

Zach Moses

Arielle Picheny

Alison Robey

Sarah Rose Kusmer

Liz Stern


Mary Angilly

Dana Borkum

Robin Bzura

Meredith Cohen

Ryan Fitzpatrick

Thanh Ly

Megan Passafarro

Alison Robey


Yui Anzai (Psychology & Music)

Jacqueline Beaulieu (Psychology)

Robin Bzura (Psychology)

Amanda Civiletto (Psychology)

Natasha Crooks (Psychology)

Emily Gillcrist (Psychology & Art)

Kristen Greany (Psychology)

Yaara Guetta (Psychology & Business, Ben Gurion University, Israel)

Ashley Kern (Behavioral Neuroscience)

Christina Lavorna (Psychology & Education)

Katherine Levy (Psychology)

Brittany Morrissey (Psychology)

Khanhnhat Nguyen (Psychology)

Sydney O’Connor (Linguistics & Psychology)

Chandni Singh (Behavioral Neuroscience)

Masha Zilberberg (Psychology & English)


Yui Anzai (Psychology & Music)

Jaclyn Cadrin (Psychology)

Amanda Civiletto (Psychology)

Kristen Cook (Psychology)

Zora Dipucchio (Psychology)

Hadar Duek (Psychology)

Christine Engle (Psychology)

Jessica Henkel (Psychology)

Erin Kelly (Psychology)

Ashley Kern (Behavioral Neuroscience)

Stefanie Kronenfeld (Psychology)

Jordyn Linsk (Psychology)

Amanda Lord (Psychology)

Sydney O’Connor (Linguistics & Psychology)

Cale Rubenstein (Psychology)

Christine Williams (Speech & Hearing Pathology & Audiology)


Kaitlyn Amato (Psychology)

Yui Anzai (Psychology & Music)

Sarah Belfit (Psychology)

Christopher Cabrall (Linguistics & Psychology)

Jaclyn Cadrin (Psychology)

Alex Coleman (Psychology)

Amira DeSourdis (Behavioral Neuroscience)

Ashley Kern (Behavioral Neuroscience)

Kelly Morris (Psychology)

Sydney O’Connor (Linguistics & Psychology)

Sydnye Whitaker-Wilke (Psychology)



Kaitlyn Amato (Psychology)

Yui Anzai (Psychology & Music)

Marina Armendares Fontaine (Psychology)

Dan Beauchemin (Psychology & Criminal Justice)

Sarah Belfit (Psychology)

Liz Brown (Psychology & Education)

Christopher Cabrall (Linguistics & Psychology)

Jaclyn Cadrin (Psychology)

Nicole Ciaramicoli (Psychology)

Konstantin Feigin (Linguistics & Psychology)

Sarah Levine (Psychology)

Elisa Melara (Psychology)

Sydney O’Connor (Psychology)

Sydnye Whitaker-Wilke (Psychology)



Monica Anand (Psychology, Boston University)

David Baldwin (Computer Science & Cognitive Psychology)

Danielle Biondi (Psychology)

Lauren Brown (Psychology)

Elizabeth Brown (Psychology & Education)

Jaclyn Cadrin (Psychology)

Maura Cole (Psychology)

Katelyn Dehey (Psychology)

Konstantin Feigin (Linguistics)

Anna Gartsman (Computer Science & Cognitive Psychology)

Megan Krell (Psychology)

Janelle La Marche (Linguistics)

Kerri Lee (Psychology)

Sarah Levine (Psychology)

Andrea Quintero (Behavioral Neuroscience)

Nicole Rodriguez (Psychology)

Diana Skrajewski (Psychology & Education)

Karen Soh (Computer Science & Cognitive Psychology)

Jennelle Yopchick (Psychology)



Kaitlyn Amato (Psychology)

David Baldwin (Computer Science & Cognitive Psychology)

Lindsey Davis (Psychology)

Christina Falzon (Psychology)

Jacqueline Gallagher (Psychology)

Lauren Hu (Biology)

Tara Israelson (Linguistics)

Kerri Lee (Psychology)

Meghan Nelligan (Psychology)

Elevinio Riojas (Computer Science & Cognitive Psychology)

Brianna Roche (Psychology)

Claire Seaton (Psychology)

Scott Sorg (Psychology)

Courtney Steller (Psychology)


Lauren Bane (Psychology)

Melissa Barnes (Psychology)

Abby Bird (Psychology)

Elizabeth Brown (Psychology & Education)

Stacey Da Silva (Psychology)

MeghanMarie Fowler-Finn (Psychology, Washington University, St. Louis)

Julie Hammond (Psychology)

Caroline Ileka (Psychology)

Leah Jacobs (Psychology)

Irma Jimenez (Psychology)

Robin Kane (Psychology & Education)

Tara Kane (Psychology & Education)

Aixa Martinez Zuviría (Psychology)

Amanda Mezzetti (Psychology & Education)

Manuel Ortega (Psychology)

Lauren Palumbo (Psychology)

Rosemary Prentzel (Psychology)

Eugenia Psichopaidas (Behavioral Neuroscience)

Kori Ryan (Psychology)

Finessa Slater (Psychology)

Marta Ullrich (Psychology)

Anna Vitkin (Computer Science & Cognitive Psychology)


Robert Happich, (Psychology)

Tara Kane (Psychology & Education)

Rachel Kolter, (Psychology)

Kerrie Kovsic (Psychology)

Adam Nicolazzo, (Psychology)

Aixa Martinez Zuviria, (Psychology)

Finessa Slater (Psychology)

Carissa Kemp (Psychology & Linguistics)


Elizabeth Baraff (Psychology)

Katherine Blaszczyk (Psychology)

Anna Corinne Freeman (Anthropology & Education)

Tara Kane (Psychology & Education)

Carissa Kemp (Psychology & Linguistics)

Thalia Mouskounti (Psychology)

Adam Nicolazzo (Behavioral Neuroscience)

Cecily Schuler (Behavioral Neuroscience)


Elizabeth Baraff (Psychology)

Lik Fun Chan (Psychology)

Anna Corinne Freeman (Anthropology & Education)

Maleshwane Mauco (Psychology)

Marina Vaks (Psychology)


Daniel Shafto (Spanish)

Christian Luhmann (Computer Science)

Christopher Lawson (Psychology)

Maleshwane Mauco (Psychology)

Evelyn Pineros (Psychology)

Lily Yee (Psychology)



Maggie Beetz (English)

Caren Francione (Psychology)

Christopher Lawson (Psychology)

Christian Luhmann (Computer Science)

Patrick Shafto (Physical Therapy)