Northeastern University at Brooklyn Heights

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This classic 1920s hotel, located in the heart of scenic Brooklyn Heights, in located one subway stop from Manhattan. The St. George (double bedrooms), once a destination for celebrities and athletes, now houses more than 800 students and interns from around the world. The accommodations consist of double bedrooms with a bathroom in the room, cable TV, and Internet access. The Weller Building (single bedrooms) is connected to the St. George, and the accommodations consist of a single bedroom with a bathroom in the room, cable TV, and Internet access.


St. George (Doubles):

  • $3,390 Summer II and $6,405 Fall

Weller (Singles): 

  • $3, 825 Summer II and $7, 225 Fall

*You will be billed through your Northeastern University account at the beginning of each of the semesters. The cost for the co-op term (full 6 months) is comparable to an NU on-campus rate and will be billed to your NU account as a housing charge. Rates are subject to change.*

Applications and Payments

How do I apply?
You can attend a Beyond Boston Housing Workshop and/or make an appointment with Co-op Connections Manager, Sonya Cottam to pick up an application.  You may then either fax it (617-373-8794) to Co-op Connections or drop it off at the Co-op Connections office located in 4 Speare Commons. Once we receive the application we will give you deposit authorization.

How much is the housing deposit?
You are required to pay a $400 deposit when you submit your Beyond Boston Housing Application that will go towards the housing payment.

How will I be billed?
You will be billed to your NU account in the same manner as NU on-campus housing.

Can I transfer my on-campus housing deposit to a Beyond Boston Housing deposit?
Yes, but you should first contact the Co-op Connections Manager and she will walk you through the process.

If I decide not to live in the Beyond Boston Housing I applied for, or if I can’t get the Beyond Boston job I wanted, do I still have to pay for the room?
You must cancel your housing in writing with the Co-op Connections Manager 45 days prior to the official start date of the co-op term to avoid paying any housing fees. If you cancel within 45 days of the official start date of the co-op term you will be responsible for ALL 26 weeks of payment.

Roommates and Move-in/Move-out

Can I choose my own roommate?
Most roommate assignments are done according to move-in date preference. However, if you want to room with a friend going on co-op in the same area you are advised to contact the Co-op Connections Manager to make special arrangements.

Can I live with someone of the opposite sex?
No. All residences are same-gender occupancy.

Can I move in early/ stay late?
Any early arrival/ late departure must be cleared by the Co-op Connections Manager.

Location and Transportation

How far away is Brooklyn Heights from Manhattan?
15 minutes on an express train.

How far away is the subway from St. George and the Weller?
The entrance is just steps away from the front door of the building.

Room and Building Amenities

Are the rooms furnished?
Yes. Each room is furnished with a twin-sized bed, desk, and dresser for each student (double occupancy). However, you are responsible for bringing your own linens.

Is there a kitchen in the room?
No. Each room is equipped with a full-size refrigerator and there is a brand new communal kitchen on the first floor.

Is there a bathroom in the room?
Yes. You share a bathroom with your roommate in the St. George and have your own bathroom if you are in the Weller.

Do I have to pay for cable or internet?
Cable is already available in the room at no cost when you arrive. You do not have to pay for the internet. All you need to bring is an Ethernet (CAT5) cord to hook up your own computer. Wireless connection is available in the lounge area only.

Do I have to pay utilities?
No. Utilities are included in the cost of the room.

Who should I contact if something in the room is broken?
You should contact your residence staff. More information will be given to you upon check-in. If you are having trouble contacting your residence staff, email the Co-op Connections Manager for help.

Is there laundry in the building?
Yes. The laundry room is located in the lower level of the building. Machines are card-operated. In order to use the machines, you must first purchase a $5 card that you will reuse each time you do laundry. Each wash and dry costs $2 each.

Is there a fitness center?
Yes. You are welcome to use the Eastern Athletic Club free of charge. You must sign up during the enrollment period at the beginning of each semester.

Policies and Procedures

Is there anything I am not allowed to bring?
A list of prohibited items is available in the St. George Residence Guide.

Who should I contact if something in my room is broken?
You should contact your residence staff.

Who should I contact in an emergency?
In an emergency, you should call 911.

What is the guest policy?
Please be advised that if you are living with a roommate, it is important to discuss any guests with them prior to your guest’s arrival. Guest policies are stated in the St. George Residence Guide.