Co-op Connectors

Mary Solomon – Denver, Colorado

Mary Solomon

Hi!  My name is Mary Solomon and I'm a fourth year nursing major from Wallingford, CT.  I am working at University of Colorado Hospital in the Emergency Room as an Advanced Care Partner for my third coop... it's kind of the best job ever!  I did my first coop in Boston at Mass General ER and I did my second coop in rural Oaxaca, Mexico as a volunteer in an Emergency Center with the Mexican Red Cross.  If you couldn't guess, I want to be an Emergency Nurse and plan for graduate studies in Disaster Management/Healthcare Emergency Preparedness.

Back at Northeastern I have been involved with many things.  I'm in Sigma Simga Sigma, and was the past VP of Circle K.  I'm a Husky Ambassador, Bouve Ambassador, undergraduate representative for the SON's Academic Standing and Admissions Committee, and avid baker.  I've always wanted to see places out of New England and all across the world and I've finally started this journey... I'm thinking Spain will be next.

I'm excited to get connected with other students out here in Colorado and experience the beautiful Rocky Mountains.  My hand-eye coordination... well actually all my coordination is bad, but I'm excited to try skiing for the first time.  I will try anything once.  Feel free to send me any ideas of socials to plan

Alex Bosenberg – Sydney, Australia

Alexandria Bosenberg

Alex is a third year Health Science student at Northeastern University. Originally born in Manhattan, she has moved around the east coast of the U.S. throughout her life. When she doesn’t have her head buried in a textbook, she enjoys teaching with Peer Health Exchange, playing ukulele, singing in various groups on and off campus, planning her next adventure abroad, and enjoying all that Boston has to offer. Currently Alex is in Sydney, Australia for her first coop. She is thrilled to be working at the Melanoma Institute Australia as a research assistant.

Casey Mullane – Bali, Indonesia

Casey Mullane

Hey, my name is Casey. I’m a fourth year Civil Engineering major originally from Wilmington, Delaware. I’m currently doing my second co-op at Synergy Efficiency Solutions, an energy efficiency company in Bali. Earlier this year, I had a fantastic time on a dialogue about climate change in India. In my spare time I like to hike, surf, cook, and explore. I’m really excited to meet other co-ops in the area and I look forward to planning some cool events during our time here.

Samantha Harbison – Cleveland, OH

Samantha Harbison

My name is Samantha Harbison and I am just starting my middler year at Northeastern. I am on my first co-op with GE in Cleveland, Ohio. I am studying International Business on the spanish track with concentrations in marketing and entrepreneurship. Currently, I am training for the Chicago marathon and the New York marathon which will occur this fall. I love exploring new places. Cleveland has already proved itself to be a very fun exciting city!

Angela Moore – Chicago, IL

Angela Moore

Hi! My name is Angela and I'm a Junior Industrial Engineering Student at Northeastern. I'm currently doing my 2nd co-op at GE Industrial Solutions in Chicago, working as a Lean Manufacturing and Quality Engineer.I'm always up for an adventure and in my free time I love to try new restaurants, take dance classes, go biking, find live music venues and play volleyball.  I'm very excited to plan some fun events for the Northeastern Students in Chicago and explore the city!

Yesenia Concepcion – Naples & Southern Florida

Yesenia Concepcion - Naples

Hello! My name is Yesenia Concepcion and I am a third year Mechanical Engineering major! With a passion for aerospace, I am currently on my first co-op in Naples, FL working as a design engineer for Parker Hannifin. I am originally from Florida and am excited to be here and learn more about Florida’s West Coast. I enjoy meeting new people and am looking forward to being Naples first co-op connector!

Malia Bachesta – Washington, DC

Malia Bachesta

My name is Malia Bachesta and I am entering my 3rd year at NU. I am a Communication Studies major with two minors in International Affairs and Social Entrepreneurship. I am currently working in downtown DC at the ONE Campaign  - a nonprofit, nonpartisan, advocacy organization founded by Bono and Bill Gates, that is seeking to end extreme poverty particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa. So far I am loving the city life and enjoying this new adventure in DC. I am looking forward to planning events for us and meeting the rest of our DC area co-ops! Hope to see you all soon!

Emily Browning – New York, NY

Emily Browning NYC

Hi! I am Emily. I am currently a Junior on my first Co-op (I recently transferred schools). I grew up on Long Island, so have spent a lot of time in NYC and look forward to spending time here again! I am on the sailing team at NEU, so love spending time by the water. For fun I like go to concerts with friends or just hang out. I am super easygoing, so if you ever want to do anything let me know! I love meeting new people and trying new things, which is why I am pumped to be a connector this fall.

Stephanie Mendez – New York, NY

Stephanie Mendez NYC

Stephanie is currently a fourth year International Affairs and Economics major and has gone on two dialogues while at Northeastern to both the Balkans and Brazil. She is doing her second co-op at Make happy in New York City and can't wait to start connecting with other co-op students in NYC!

Sapphire Reels – New York, NY

Sapphire Reels

Sapphire is a senior from Narragansett, Rhode Island pursuing a concentration in Marketing, with minors in Graphic Design and Music Industry. Currently, she is working at MasterCard as a Product Development co-op. Her past co-ops have included Product Management at Staples and Merchandising at Wayfair. You can usually find her at a concert, cycling around the city, or indulging as an NYC foodie.

Rachel Lynch – New York, NY

Rachel Lynch

Hey! My name is Rachel Lynch and I am a third year Music Industry major. I am originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico and I am currently doing my first co-op at Glassnote Records. Back on campus I have been involved with WRBB 104.9 and Green Line Records. I also enjoy going to shows and concerts, so if you need a concert buddy let me know. I've been exploring NYC a lot since I moved here and I'm excited to meet all of you and plan some great events!

Alina Nugmanova – New York, NY


Heya! My name is Alina Nugmanova and I am a senior pursuing a degree in Finance and Entrepreneurship. I am a girl of many interests, but I find that most of them revolve around travel, adventure, food and artistic expressions in all forms. Doing dialogues in Madrid and Iceland were undoubtedly some of the most memorable events in my life. I find myself enjoying such a wide spectrum of experiences, that I am sure that you and I, whatever your background and hobbies, will find something in common. Therefore - don't hesitate to contact me if you have any ideas or comments or observations, or even to discuss any of the above. Meeting new people and exploring are some of my favorites, which is why I decided to become a Connector. I am also still uncertain as to what career path I will take - and event organization is something that I am very interested in.

I am currently working on my third co-op at Crossbeam, a media start-up owned by Comcast. I have been learning so much about the marketing and advertising industry that I find myself really immersed into this world.

Looking forward to organizing some amazing events for us - and hoping to hear from you soon :]

Megan Webb – San Francisco, CA

Meghan Webb

Hi Everyone! My name is Megan Webb and I’m a fifth year business major with a psych minor. For my third co-op I decided it was time to get out of Boston, so I’m currently working at Adobe in San Francisco. I’m originally from Southern California, so I’m not new to the west coast, but Northern California is like a whole new state! I love exploring and trying new things and San Francisco seems like the perfect place for that. So far it seems like an amazing city and I can’t wait to get to know it even better and attend some great events with all of you!

Carlos Villalobos – London, England

Carlos Villaloboss

I am a fourth year international student at Northeastern. I major in Finance and Entrepreneurship as well as a minor in Law and Public Policy. Currently, I am on my second co-op, working at Wellington Management; my first one was a marketing co-op at Adobe in San Francisco, California. I was born and raised in El Salvador — a small country in Central America right on the coast of The Pacific. I am huge fan of coffee and good food as well as casual photography; in fact I founded a start-up based on mobile photography if anyone is interested in going out on photo-walks or any start-up event here in London. Find me on Facebook as Carlos Eduardo!

Megan Carroll – Barcelona, Spain

Megan Carroll

Hi! My name is Megan Carroll and I am a fourth year International Affairs and Political Science major from Bridgewater, New Jersey. I have minors in Law and Public Policy and Spanish - so I'm very excited to be starting my second co-op at the Catalan National Assembly in Barcelona, Spain! My first co-op was at Ropes & Gray, a law firm in Boston. Working in the Prudential Tower was pretty cool, but I think working abroad in Barcelona will be even better. I love cute animals, baking, yoga, and of course travel. I'm so excited to be a co-op connector in Spain, and I hope I can be a resource to my fellow Huskies!

Sage Witham – Palo Alto, CA

Sage Witham

Hi everyone! My name is Sage Witham and I’m currently a co-op at VMware in Palo Alto, CA doing Global Web Marketing for their Cloud Services Business. I’m a 5th year Marketing major and have a minor in Law & Public Policy. I’m from Cumberland, Maine and it’s my first time being on the West Coast. I love sports, outdoor activities, traveling, and trying new foods. I look forward to the next 6 months and hope to meet everyone co-oping in the Valley soon!

Rohit Malrani – Palo Alto, CA

Rohit Malrani

Hey Everyone, my name is Rohit Malrani and I am an entering senior Finance & Entrepreneurship major at Northeastern. Currently, I am on co-op with Hercules Technology Growth Capital in Palo Alto on their Deal Team. I live with three other Northeastern kids and look forward to making plans (sports, hiking, food) for all of us during the next 5 months. Feel free to add me on Facebook or shoot me an email with any event suggestions (

Andrew Rota – Austin, Texas

Andrew Rota

Andrew hails from a small town in Western Massachusetts. He is a current senior  studying Marketing with a minor in Art + Design. Most recently he worked for a healthcare research collaborative in Boston and before that the new Seattle campus. He is currently working at Rackspace, an IT company, doing Product Marketing. Outside of the professional world Andrew enjoys traveling (just returned from two months in Europe) , cooking, cycling, and live music.

Steven Berk – Washington DC

Steven Berk

Hey! I'm Steven, I'm a senior International affairs major and a transfer student from a community college back home in Atlanta. I did my first co-op last fall at a USAID-funded project in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina. I'm doing my second co-op in Washington DC in a congressmen's office. I enjoy reading, vacations, technology, and healthy living! I can't wait to meet y'all!

Pat Dunn – Seattle

Patrick Dunn

Hey everyone! I’m Pat Dunn, the co-op connector for Seattle this cycle. I’m an entrepreneurship/communications student, and I’m currently on my first co-op, with Northeastern’s Seattle graduate campus as their Marketing/Social Media Manager.

I grew up in a small coastal town just South of Boston, but have spent time living in Spain and England, in addition to my time in Boston. I’m passionate about food, music, sailing, travel, and literature, but I’m pretty open to trying just about anything at least once. I play on Northeastern’s lacrosse team, am a member of the Entrepreneurship club, and participated in the program.

I’m living in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, and so far I’ve been impressed by the vibrant food scene, fantastic coffee, and general sense of laidback fun that seems to permeate the city. I’m really looking forward to exploring the city with my fellow co-ops, and I think we’ll all have a lot of fun at the events I’m planning. I look forward to getting to know all of you in the next couple of months. I hope everyone has had a fun and productive first month at their co-op!


Rohit Moharir – Cape Town, South Africa

Rohit Cape Town

Rohit is the second, Netherlands-born son of two Indian parents who teach him the importance of cherishing experiences over life's tangibles. He aims to portray an air of maturity, charisma, lightheartedness, and creativity. He's gained these qualities from unconventional life experience of worldwide travel for business, leisure, and spiritual reasons fostering in him a grounded sense of global citizenship. In his free time, he enjoys both high energy activities like karaoke and skydiving as well as chilling on the ukulele or playing cards with friends.