Robert DeLeo, BA '72

Massachusetts House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo, a 1972 graduate of Northeastern University, credits his alma mater and the opportunities he gained through the University’s cooperative education program with setting him on his path toward a successful career in politics.

Speaking at Northeastern’s Alumni Center on May 21, 2009, DeLeo emphasized the tremendous admiration he feels for the University—where his son Robert is pursuing doctoral studies in political science—and his wish to be an ambassador for Northeastern.

“It’s important to me that when folks look at Bob DeLeo, they look at a graduate of Northeastern University,” said the graduate who earned his degree in political science. “I do look at myself as an ambassador [for] this university … and I look forward to a long and lasting relationship with the University.”

Speaking of the role that Northeastern and co-op played in his own career, DeLeo said a co-op job at Liberty Mutual Insurance—where he worked in claims and interacted frequently with attorneys—inspired him to attend law school, his first step towards a political career. “The co-op education I got at Northeastern University was a major ingredient in my college career,” he said. “That’s what is really so important about a Northeastern education. It gives students the opportunity to work in the real world. It’s not like attending an institution that’s in an ivory tower.”