A Dedicated Team

Our dedicated employer relations team embraces opportunities to collaborate with employers to develop innovative, powerful and meaningful programs to engage our talented students. We believe our individualized approach to building and maintaining partnerships contributes to your success and ours.

Our Employer Relations Team can help you build your talent pipeline and leverage the Northeastern Advantage by:

  • Discussing your recruitment needs and suggesting potential majors that would be a fit for your organization
  • Offering advice on how best to raise the visibility of your organization on the Northeastern campus
  • Scheduling on-campus recruiting and campus events and activities that work best with your schedule and travel plans
Maria Stein

Maria Stein

Associate Vice President

Cooperative Education and Career Development
617-373-8373  |   m.stein@northeastern.edu



Jim Boyle


Employer Relations, Cooperative Education and Career Development
Recruitment Focus:  Leveraging College Recruitment for Workforce and Talent Development – All Colleges
617-373-3772  |  j.boyle@northeastern.edu



Derek Cameron

Manager Employer Outreach and Partnership Development

Recruitment Focus:   Out of Region Employment and Development – All Industries
617-373-8105  |  d.cameron@northeastern.edu



Steve Johnson

Associate Director

Recruitment Focus:  Engineering, Sciences, all Health Sciences
617-373-3404  |  st.johnson@northeastern.edu


Jane L. Braley

Associate Director, Recruitment and Employer Outreach

Recruitment Focus:  D’Amore-McKim School of Business, Social Sciences and Humanities, Nonprofits
617-373-4294  |  j.braley@northeastern.edu



Melissa Ouellette Croteau

Assistant Director

Recruitment Focus:  Arts, Media & Design, Computer Science, Education
617-373-6547  |  m.croteau@northeastern.edu



Charlotte M. Nelson

Employer Relations Coordinator

Recruitment Focus:  New Employment Inquiries
617-373-2434  |  c.nelson@northeastern.edu



Global Employer Relations Team



Alane De Luca

Senior Associate Director

Recruitment Focus: New Employment Inquiries; South Asia, Southeast Asia, Scandinavia, Mexico, Spain, Portugal, West Africa
617-373-7975  |  a.deluca@northeastern.edu


Aspa Papanastasiou

Senior Coordinator

Recruitment Focus: Employment Inquiries, Central Europe, South Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
617-373-2986  |  a.papanastasioiu@northeastern.edu


John Choi


Recruitment Focus: China, Korea, Japan, UK, Ireland, Eastern Europe, Middle East, North Africa
617-373-4993  |  jo.choi@northeastern.edu


Joshua Best


Recruitment Focus: Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, Caribbean, Canada
617-373-3328  |  j.best@northeastern.edu