Internally Sponsored Events

From time to time, a University department may deem an external group to have demonstrable benefit, financial or otherwise to the University, and may wish to form a co-sponsorship, partnership, or affiliation with an external group. Upon the creation of such a relationship, the  external group may be eligible to receive a discount on facility rental rates of up to half off the standard rate. For the external group to receive such a discount, the University department must fulfill the following responsibilities:

See the Event Classification page to determine if your activity is internal or external.

Rates & Fees
External groups may be eligible for a rental rate discount if the client has a University Sponsor. Please read below to see if you qualify or call The Office of External Events & conference Housing to inquire further. 

Role and Responsibilities of University Sponsor
The University department shall be the primary point of contact between the external group and various University service providers, including the Office of External Events & Conference Housing, building services, facility managers, catering, media services, the parking office, and others. The sponsor shall also:

  • Work directly with the external group to obtain event descriptions and logistical information
  • Assist the external group with event questions, including parking, directions to campus, catering, etc.
  • Provide staff resources to attend pre-event planning meetings and to be on-site day of the event to respond to any client needs that may arise.

Role of The Office of External Events & Conference Housing
The role of The Office of External Events & Conference Housing is to serve as a consultant to both the University department(s) and external group along with creating and obtaining appropriate documentation from the external group to protect the University from any unforeseen circumstances. As such, the Office of External Events & Conference Housing shall:   

  • Secure a contract with the external group on behalf of the University host, outlining an agreement on the date, time, use of space, rental fees, and applicable insurance and University restrictions.
  • Secure proof of appropriate insurance from the external group in the form of a Certificate of Insurance, with Northeastern named as additional insured.
  • Provide assistance and advice with reserving space at Northeastern facilities.
  • Act as a consultant to both the internal sponsor and external group related to event logistics and catering

The on-campus sponsor may be asked to provide an internal budget number to any Northeastern department that provides billable goods or services to the outside client. The internal budget number may be necessary to guarantee payment in the event that the outside client defaults on payment. If an outside client fails to pay a University department for event services, the sponsor budget may be charged for that expense, and the sponsor department may need to collect payment from the outside group. Rebecca's Cafe, for instance, will provide catering for an outside event only if the external client pays in advance via cash or MasterCard, or if an internal department guarantees payment with a University budget number.

At any point in the planning process, please feel free to call the Office of External Events & Conference Housing for advice.  It is always better to connect with this office early in the planning process.