Principal Investigator

Richard H. WestProf. Richard West

Richard read Chemical Engineering at the University of Cambridge, completing his BA and MEng degrees in 2004. He was among the first cohort to spend a year at MIT on the undergraduate exchange program of the Cambridge-MIT Institute. He returned to MIT for a semester of core graduate classes at the start of his PhD, also in Chemical Engineering at the University of Cambridge. His thesis work, in the Computational Modelling Group of Prof. Markus Kraft, was on modeling the chloride process for the gas-phase synthesis of titanium dioxide nano particles. He finished in 2008 and returned to MIT once more, this time as a postdoctoral research associate working with Prof. William Green to develop detailed kinetic models and the tools used to create them. In 2011 he moved across the river to Boston, starting the Computational Modeling in Chemical Engineering group at Northeastern University.

Graduate Students

Pierre Bhoorasingh.Pierre Bhoorasingh

Pierre received a BSc in Chemical-Biological Engineering from MIT in 2007. As a part of the undergraduate research opportunities program there, he investigated the production of an alternative sweetener. After completing the BSc, he worked as a process engineer at a petroleum company where he was responsible for utilities such as boiler operations. He then attended the University of Pennsylvania where he received a MSE in Bioengineering in 2009. For his Master’s thesis, he optimized the production of human CD47 in order to investigate its biomedical applications. In 2011 he began his PhD at Northeastern University, where he became the first PhD student in the Computational Modeling in Chemical Engineering group.

Fariba Seyedzadeh Khanshan.Fariba Seyedzadeh Khanshan

Fariba completed a BSc in the field of Chemical Engineering – Gas Industry at the Persian Gulf University in Boushehr, then an MSc in the field of Chemical Engineering – Biotechnology from the Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Campus, in 2009. The subject of her Master’s thesis was Thermodynamic Modeling of Escherichia Coli Metabolism for increasing Succinate yield. After working as a consultant in the field of renewable energy, she studied postgraduate chemical engineering at Virginia Commonwealth University for a year, before joining Northeastern University and the Computational Modeling in Chemical Engineering group in 2012.

Belinda Slakman.Belinda Slakman

Belinda received a BSc in Chemical Engineering from Princeton University in 2010, with a certificate in Applications of Computing. As an undergraduate she conducted research in protein structure prediction, and developing a new method for propane-propylene separation. Upon graduation she worked as a research engineer for Exelus, Inc., tackling real industrial problems in energy, catalysis, and environmental engineering. In 2012 she began her PhD in the Computational Modeling in Chemical Engineering group at Northeastern University.

Undergraduate Students

  • Esma Goktekin
  • Anthony Silvi
  • Jason Cain
  • Jacob Barlow
  • Victor Lambert
  • Joseph Bonneau
  • Chris Plonski
  • Sean Troiano

Future Members?

We are always interested in working with the brightest and best students, whether undergraduates, master’s, doctoral, or post-doctoral researchers. Many projects require no programming experience, and many others require no chemistry background. Please get in touch if you are interested in joining us.