Civic Engagement Program (CEP)

The Civic Engagement Program (CEP), aims to redefine scholarship by ensuring that students receiving our most prestigious scholarships not only excel academically, but have the opportunity to grow as civic-minded individuals who give back through service to our local and global communities. CEP contributes to the University's mission to educate students for a life of fulfillment and accomplishment... and to meet global and societal needs. 

CEP requires each scholar to participate in 100 hours of service and civic engagement activities each year of undergraduate study at Northeastern University. For first-year students, there is a highly structured program which includes training, monthly reflections and a weekly service partnership with a local community based organization.  For upper-class students, there is a system of accountability and support, as well as service and networking opportunities to engage student scholars in earning the required amount of hours and creating a community of like-minded students. 

New website, coming June 2016! More CEP information will be available there!


Hilary Sullivan
Director, CEP and Co-Curricular Service Programming
Center of Community Service
617-373-5838 |

Mark Este
Assistant Director, CEP
Center of Community Service
617-373-7883 | 

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