Alternative Spring Breaks

Alternative Spring Break (ASB) is a weeklong immersive living and volunteering experience.  Through meaningful action, reflection and education, volunteers engage in direct service that addresses a critical, social issue. Service areas include affordable housing, disaster relief, youth education, animal care, sustainable food, and more. Volunteers have a chance to explore the culture and history of the area, participate in orientation and training programs, build leadership skills, and develop strong friendships with other team members. 


For the first time, we have a formal Program Handbook that describes all of our policies and procedures. Please give it a read!

The ASB 2016 information packet and application are HERE!! Please review the process below.

Application process for ASB 2016: 

-Step 1: Thoroughly review the Program Handbook (linked above)

-Step 2: Read through the Information Packet 

-Step 3: Apply!!

Need more about ASB 2016? Get more information from our Presentation


Alternative Spring Break Past Program Trips

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Questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

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