Community Service Leadership Award


Recipients of the Community Service Leadership Award are undergraduate students who have exhibited exceptional commitment to supporting the needs and interests of our community, especially our surrounding neighborhoods of Fenway, Mission Hill, Roxbury, and the South End through direct service, as well as share their passions with the NU campus community. Recipients have incorporated community service into their daily lives either through their academic coursework (service-learning), co-op and other experiential learning experiences, and/or co-curricular activities.

When considering a student for candidacy, nominators reflect on the following criteria:

  • What curricular or co-curricular service programs or projects has the student participated in?
  • How does the student stand out as a leader among other students engaged in service?
  • Has the student developed or enhanced a service-based program, organization, project, or tradition while at Northeastern University?
  • How has the student’s involvement in service enhanced the quality of life on- and off-campus?
  • What examples of the student’s personal character make the student especially qualified for this award?
  • Has the student raised visibility of the social issue at Northeastern or in the local, state, national, or international community?

Past Winners

Michelle Adler
Eileen Rice

Jennifer Glynn
Kayla Cormier
Bianca Smith

Kaitlin Ostrander
Cindy Gonzalez

Michael Grant
Julie Miller
Caitlin McDermott
Brittany Manley

Peter Sauro
Lindsey Kaminski
Emma Bloomfield
Amanda Parker
Alicia Skibinski

Caitlyn Keckeissen
Christina Lavorna
Alex Alvanos
Chelsey Mitchell

Rachel White
Lisa Paquette
Sara Kearns
Danielle Eustice