Important Phone Numbers

Bouvé College of Health Sciences, Undergraduate, 617.373.2200
Bouvé College of Health Sciences, Deans Office, 617.373.3323
Bouvé College of Health Sciences, Graduate School, 617.373.2708
Campus Bookstore, 617.373.2286
Campus Police, 617.373.2121
College of Arts, Media, & Design, Dean's Office, 617.373.5088
College of Arts, Media, & Design, Undergraduate, 617.373.3980 
College of Arts, Media, & Design, Graduate, 617.373.3982
College of Science, Dean's Office 617.373.5085
College of Science, Undergraduate, 617.373.4475
College of Science, Graduate, 617.373.3982
College of Social Sciences and Humanities, Dean's Office, 617.373.5173
College of Social Sciences and Humanities, Undergraduate, 617.373.3980
College of Social Sciences and Humanities, Graduate, 617.373.3982 
D'Amore-McKim School of Business, Undergraduate Programs, 617.373.3270
D'Amore-McKim School of Business, Graduate School, 617.373.5992
D'Amore-McKim School of Business, Dean's Office, 617.373.3232
College of Computer and Information Science, Undergraduate Programs, 617.373.2462
College of Computer and Information Science, Graduate School, 617.373.2464
College of Engineering, Dean's Office, 617.373.2154 
College of Engineering, Graduate School, 617.373.2711
College of Professional Studies, Dean's Office, 617.373.2412
Commencement Office, 617.373.4098
Disability Resource Center (TTY), 617.373.2730
Disability Resource Center, 617.373.2675
Financial Aid, 617.373.3190
Graduate School of Professional Accounting, 617.373.3244
Lost and Found, 617.373.3913
Lowell Institute School, 617.373.2500
Office of Alumni Relations, 617.373.2656
Registrar's Office, 617.373.2300
Residential Life, 617.373.2814
School of Engineering Technology, 617.373.7777 
School of Technological Entrepreneurship, 617.373.2788
Student Accounts, 617.373.2270
Student Loans, 617.373.2160
University Health and Counseling Services, 617.373.2772
University Information, 617.373.2000

For all other phone numbers please refer to the online directory.

For TTY numbers, please contact the Disability Resource Center.